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Anderson Group BPO kick starts its plan to improve online presence.

June 12 signifies one of the most important milestones in Philippine history. This day symbolizes the blood, sweat, and tears of the country’s forefathers who fought for the freedom that Filipinos are able to enjoy today. With the progress that the nation has attained since its independence was proclaimed, setting June 12 as a day of appreciation is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions that the Philippine Government has ever made. 

Joining today’s celebration of freedom, Anderson Group BPO breaks free from its old domain name andersongroup.ph and moves to andersonbpoinc.com. Similar to the hopes of a better life when the independence of the Philippines was declared, Anderson Group BPO also hopes that this change can bring greater glory to the company.

Moving to andersonbpoinc.com

Moving to a globally-recognized domain, Anderson Group BPO now has better opportunities to make its presence known to its target audience, which consists of small to medium business owners worldwide. By featuring value-adding content, the BPO company aims to equip website visitors with the right information about offshore outsourcing. Ensuring compliance with data security was also one of the top reasons why the company decided to depart from andersongroup.ph. 

What to expect in the new domain

Accessing andersonbpoinc.com via desktop or mobile, browsers can enjoy easy navigation and fast loading speed. They can also expect consistent updates about the Philippine BPO Industry as well as relevant tips/information about offshore outsourcing. Some examples of these articles are How to Implement Good, Old-Fashioned Customer Service in New and Emerging Technologies, Top 3 Tasks E-commerce Should Outsource, and PH Ranks 39th Among 193 Countries in the 2017’s Global Cybersecurity Index. These can be found either in the Blogs or News section of andersonbpoinc.com. On the other hand, news about the company can be found in the Anderson Community page. 

Outsourcing to Anderson Group BPO

Anderson Group BPO is an outsourcing solutions provider in the Philippines known for putting quality at the core of its BPO services. Although it only entered the business four years ago, it was already able to open three facilities in the major business districts of the country. The esteemed BPO company credits this significant growth to its meaningful client relationships. 

Some of the clients of Anderson Group BPO belong to industries such as digital marketing, healthcare, and e-commerce. By outsourcing services such as customer service, lead generation, and appointment setting, these clients are able to take advantage of the following perks: 

  • A boost in revenue
  • Maximized business productivity
  • Focus on other income-generating tasks
  • Improved customer satisfaction

Currently, Anderson Group BPO continues to find more companies to help. If you wish to know more about this opportunity or just need a consultancy about offshore outsourcing, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our lines are always open.

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