At Anderson Group BPO, Inc., our employees are adaptable and they embrace change as a welcome opportunity to learn more and be better. This optimism radiates all over our company, inspiring a very positive working atmosphere for everyone.


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In recognition of the outstanding performers of each department, AGBI officially launches the Anderson.Rewards employee incentive program. In partnership with SM e-PLUS, the lifestyle reward card has stored-value and reloadable capabilities, along with a unique points system dedicated for the cinemas.

Open to all regular employees, the Anderson.Rewards card serves as a medium for AGBI to directly provide incentives through consumable credits, usable in different venues such as retail, transport, dining, and entertainment.

How to use it?

  • When you qualify for the program, Anderson will provide you with an e-PLUS card with the appropriate load. Simple activation through the website of eplus is necessary before you can start using the card.
  • As long as you have credits loaded into the card, you simply need to TAP the card onto a card reader at the cash register and you are done!
  • Balance and points can be checked online or through the cash register
  • The card is transferable as long as it has enough balance.


Where can I use it?

  • Anywhere in SM malls
  • Some select stand alone merchant partners such as Wendy’s Burgers, Waltermart Cinemas, etc.
  • SM Bowling
  • SM Ice Skating
  • IMAX Movie
  • Bookstores


More perks?

  • Reward Points for every Movie watched
  • Complimentary Movie Pass for every 5 different Movie titles
  • Complimentary Movie Pass for every 20 points
  • 10% off on all Snack Time purchase
  • 10% off at SM Bowling and SM Ice Skating
  • Flavored Popcorn for every P500 and P1000 reload via BDO ATMs and LoadXtreme
  • Enjoy discounts, freebies and exclusive offerings from our partner merchants
  • The PLUS experience to enjoy discounts on partner Resorts and Hotels
  • and more!


How to load?

  • AGBI will load the employee’s E-PLUS cards based on the points or rewards employee gains
  • The employees can also load the cards themselves thru various reloading agents nationwide, including
    • BDO ATM
    • ePLUS Booths
    • Ticket booth
    • Mall Information Booth
    • Bills Payment Counters
    • Global Pinoy Centers
    • Snack Time Counters
    • BDO ATM
    • ePLUS Corporate Deferred Reload
  • Load does not expire, no maintaining balance


For more details about the Anderson.Rewards e-PLUS card, click here.


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