Internship Success Stories: Ericka Aniceto

Being in the field of sales is never easy. It takes a certain set of skills in order to open doors of opportunity for businesses. Ericka showed compassion and perseverance that led her to becoming an official Anderson employee. Read to find out what inspired her to excel.

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How was your internship Experience in Anderson Group?

At first, I doubted my capability because I am aware that there are still a lot of things I am yet to understand in the BPO industry. This is why when I got in, I felt happy and scared at the same time because I am about to face an unfamiliar environment. I was worried that the skills I have learned in school may not be sufficient for the internship position I applied for. This is why everytime my supervisor assigned a task to me, I made sure to put my best efforts in to secure that everything was done right.

I was also very lucky to become a part of the Business Development department headed by Mr.  Paulo Salud. Despite the fact that I was scared and intimidated of him, I know that something good came out of me being under his supervision. As a supervisor, he was stern by his rules and made sure that nothing came out of place. This made me very anxious and I wanted to make sure I made zero mistakes. But along the way, we got to know the other side of him.What I appreciate about him is the way he taught us more than what was expected of the internship program. Aside from making sure we understood the tasks and why we do what we do, he also teaches us life lessons that we would definitely take in our road to success.

What did you learn during your internship?

As a Business Development Intern, we were mostly assigned to find new opportunities for the company. During my internship, I have learned two of the most important lessons in life; handling rejections and pursuing opportunities. Facing rejections is a part of life that we must learn to do and we shouldn’t let it stop us from achieving our goals.

How did you get promoted as an official employee?

It’s funny actually. I’ve been trying to write countless answers for this question but nothing seems to be the correct one, maybe because even I do not know the reason behind why I was hired. On the day when Sir Paulo told me that he was considering to hire me, I felt really happy because then, I knew, I must have been doing something right. At the same time, I also felt anxious that I might disappoint him and do less of what is expected of me. I didn’t want him to regret his decision.

When I told him how I felt, he advised that I should believe in myself because he does. He told me that there is always going to be a reason not to take an opportunity and that it’s up to us to take the other option and pursue what we really want amidst the risks. I followed his advice and took the job.

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How did your learnings during your internship help you now as an employee?

My internship was a big test of prioritization and commitment. So whatever I learned during that time, I am able to apply it all now.

How did Anderson Group help in shaping you to become a better professional?

The management really did a great job, allowing interns to experience the real world in their chosen field. It’s definitely a great company to jumpstart your career with because they prepare you for what you have to face after you graduate.

Any advice to other interns?

Choose the right company. Pick the one that will serve as a good training ground and will allow you to grow, a company that can be your second home because, at the end of the day, your internship should prepare you for the future so make sure to spend it in a company that is willing to guide you. Don’t just settle for any company because once you sacrificed the quality of learning during your internship, you won’t be able to unleash your full potential.

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