Squad Goals Party at Anderson PH

It’s Halloween season once again and for this year, we’re going to be the bad guys for a day.

The Anderson Halloween party features a Trick or Treat event for the employees, the clients, and their guests, as well as costume and decoration contests.

Inspired by DC Comics and zooming in on the recent movie Suicide Squad, the Anderson Wynsum office was transformed into pockets of the DC Universe—with creative recreations of the Arkham Asylum, Gotham skyline, the Belle Reve prison and sanatorium, and a Joker-infested version of Gotham City.


The short program started with the kids exploring the office, marveling at the decorations and filling their goodie bags with treats along the way. Spotted are young guests dressed as superheroes, villains, medieval characters, and an adorable pumpkin.


After exploring the operations floor, everyone headed to the pantry for some afternoon snacks.

To cap off the brief yet fun event, General Operations Manager Ryan dela Cruz, together with HR Officer Raphael Ting called the winners for the Best Costume (adult and children categories) and the Best Decorated Area.

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