Training in the UK:Ace Visits Anderson Group HQ

It is usual for companies to offer trainings to their employees, however, one that’s willing to provide an all-expense trip to the UK? Welcome to Anderson Group BPO, Inc.! 😉

At Anderson, employees are deeply valued and whenever there is an opportunity for our people to grow further, we are here to back them up.

Ace Elizer Lorenzana, telesales, PH Office tells us about his recent trip to the Anderson Group UK office.


What was the reason for your visit to the UK?

I was sent to do training for Sales as this is a new account in the AG Philippines.

Who else from the PH team came with you?

It was Argel Mabulay (IT Team Lead) and Mark Villegas (IT Manager)

How long did it take you to travel to the UK? What was that experience like?

It took us 14 hours or so to get to UK. The trip was like a roller coaster ride as our flight was delayed three times. But I guess I really cannot feel any exhaustion because the excitement overpowered everything as this is my first out of the country ever.

How did your understanding of the Anderson Group and the products change throughout the experience?

It is really different over the phone and to be there physically. It is different that you are having it firsthand than having them just on a power point presentation. I was able to ask things that I wouldn`t usually think of when I’m in the Philippines. I now have a wider and clearer view of how it really works in the AG UK office.

Do you feel more confident within the Telesales after the trip?

Definitely! The trip was not only very nice but it was a great experience to get up close with the people whose doing it firsthand, to get to know the product on a deeper perspective. Also, it boosts my confidence to take calls because the telesales team in the UK is kind enough to impart all their knowledge to me.

Did you receive any training during your stay? How did this help you?

Yes. The training I had for 6 days helped me understand what I am selling and how it will benefit the workers that we are servicing. The product is a great opportunity for everyone to increase their pay in a way they are way better off than anyone else. It also opened my eyes on how great everyone in UK is. I became familiar with the things that worker was saying over the phone such as fish and chips, lorry, train, tram, and other things I am unfamiliar with and just seeing over the internet.

What, in your opinion, is the environment like in the UK office?

It was just a breath of fresh air. The way they work is just amazing. They are taking it seriously but having fun on the side. Everyone is very professional and wants the best possible outcome for the worker.

Where did you stay whilst visiting the UK?

We stayed in Hampton by Hilton.

Did you visit anywhere out of office hours? What did you do /see /eat etc

Yes, we went to London twice and it was a great experience. UK has one of the best architectural structures in the world. The train system, food and everyone is just something to look forward to. Everyone is very friendly in and out of the office. We had the chance to eat fish and chips in Godfrey`s in Harpenden. Harpenden is like a paradise. Majority of the establishments has this bunch of flowers outside. We also went to St. Albans wherein we visited the world’s oldest pub and to The Fox for some really good steak.

What was the best / worst part of your trip?

It was just the delayed flight that I could say the worst but the rest are just something I would want to treasure and experience again. I am looking forward for others to experience how amazing the trip went and for them to see how beautiful, humble, kind and fantastic the people in AG UK are.

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