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What Is Customer Service?

Customer service is the process of taking care of a customer’s needs before, during, and after a purchase. It mainly involves answering questions, addressing complaints, and managing requests. In essence, it allows a business to establish a good relationship with a customer and make up for the poor experience that a customer had with its products or services. When a business provides an excellent customer service, it can achieve customer loyalty. 

Prior to the advancements in technology, a business could only provide customer service via face-to-face and phone. Obviously, this is not the case anymore today. Thanks to technology, businesses of all shapes and sizes now have non-voice communication channels as another means to address the concerns of customers. This includes live chat, mobile SMS, social media, and email.

Customer Service Email

Email is the first non-voice customer service channel. Here, the interaction is asynchronous. This means that a customer and a customer service employee need not be present at the same time to address concerns. It also means that both of them have the time to ensure the accuracy of their email messages. This is why some customers find responses via email more reliable than responses via phone. 

Some customers also prefer email because the response becomes a reference. Once a similar or related customer service issue pops again in the future, a customer can just search the prior email sent instead of reaching the business again for answers. This benefits both parties in terms of saving time.

Customers also find the attach feature of emails helpful in explaining issues that the receiving end can understand better with a visual representation. For example, product damage. This results in a faster resolution of issues.

For obvious reasons, excellent written communication skills are crucial in providing customer service via email. But more than that, email support agents must also know how to adjust their response in a way that a customer can understand it easily. Simply put, they need to craft easy-to-digest, prompt, and accurate replies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Service Email

One of the primary reasons why a business invests in outsourcing is to cut costs. But outsourcing can be a lot more than just a means to lower down operational expenses and access cheap but quality labor. If you partner with the right BPO Company, you can experience more significant perks! For the specific perks of outsourcing customer service via email, check out the list below.

A boost in customer satisfaction

Outsourcing solutions providers are experts when it comes to non-core business functions such as providing customer service via email. They have an established and proven process in providing support to your customers via email. With a reliable outsourcing partner on your side, you can guarantee that your customers are in good hands.

Personalized messages

Canned messages don’t harbor a good relationship with customers. When you personalize your email, you make your customers feel that each one of them matters to your business. You can implement this with the help of an affordable but expert offshore staff. 

There will be someone to answer emails always

Outsourcing gives you the option to have someone attend to your customers beyond office hours. Your outsourced staff can work whenever your employees are unavailable. 

A decrease in operational expenses

With an outsourced team, you don’t need to worry about the essential work-related equipment that they shall need. Your outsourcing solutions partner will take care of these. 

No need to go through the hassles of recruiting and managing staff

Getting skilled talent is a common challenge for businesses. Outsourcing means no longer worrying about this. Besides a ready equipment, outsourcing solutions providers also have a ready talent so your operations can go live immediately.

Increase in focus on core responsibilities

One of the main benefits of outsourcing is that it allows you to focus on your core responsibilities. As you surrender control of the outsourced operations, you can focus on other areas of your organization that needs improvement. Of course, you can only rest easy if you partner with a reliable and trustworthy outsourcing partner.

Guaranteed confidentiality and security of business data

Outsourcing email support can mean sharing some internal information with the outsourcing solutions vendor. This reinforces the importance of assessing the reliability of a vendor in securing business data. One of the ways a business can do this is by asking for a proof such as an ISO Certification. 

Industries That Outsource Customer Service Email

With the benefits above, several businesses venture into outsourcing email support to the top outsourcing countries. This includes India, China, and the Philippines. But among all the outsourcing locations, the Philippines is the favorite for contact center services such as customer service, chat support, and email support. Primarily, this is because of its competent labor force.

Commonly, businesses that outsource email support belong to the following industries:



Food and Beverage





Legal Services

Banking and Finance


IT and Software

When to Outsource Customer Service Email

At the end of the day, outsourcing is a choice. While there are companies who choose to establish email support operations in-house, there are also those who choose to delegate the task offshore. For the latter type of companies, the common issues that led them to outsource are as follows:

  • Loss of customers
  • Hassles of recruitment
  • High operational expenses
  • Low customer satisfaction
  • Difficulty in managing the influx of messages
  • A lot of emails go unanswered and unnoticed
  • Customers are complaining about the slow response rate
  • Lack of resources to support business expansion plans
  • Lack of time to concentrate on other areas of the business that needs improvement

If you are dealing with the same issues, then it’s probably time to consider outsourcing customer service via email. Please note, however, that you can only enjoy all the above benefits if you choose the right BPO Company.  This is why research on outsourcing first is a must. You can find a lot of reference sites about outsourcing online.