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We Know Data Management Outsourcing

Digitize. Organize. Analyze.

Meticulous data entry and analysis serve as the backbone of any great business strategy. However, it is also a very time-consuming task that is best left to expert hands. Digitize your documents. Keep your data fresh and updated. Improve your overall performance with the help of Anderson’s Data Management Outsourcing services.

Outsource Data Management with Anderson

From data entry and data cleansing to analyzing your information, our team of experts are well-equipped to help you manage all the facts and figures recorded for your organization. When you avail of our data management outsourcing services, you experience a smooth process and immediate access to the right information for your next business strategy.

We not only handle product inventory and invoice forms, but also other important back office solutions processes as well. Our teams ensure that compliant data security is applied at all times in order to keep confidential information safe, whether these are business directories, customer profile or employee and shareholder data. This leads to more actionable insights which improves your campaign performance and guides your marketing and sales efforts.

Data Entry

Digitize your data and store it in a secure and efficient format. Keep an accurate record of critical business information in order to achieve better results. Get a trained team with proficient digital skills and keen attention to detail when you outsource data entry to us.

Data Cleansing

Need to resolve errors in your database? Get rid of old and irrelevant information and filter out non-responsive leads, ensuring everything remains up to date. Execute more successful campaigns and make better business decisions with the help of data cleansing services.

Data Analysis

Understand raw data through statistical techniques and program analytics. Extract useful information and discover actionable insights when you outsource data analysis to Anderson.


ISO 27001:2013 Certification
DPA Certified
PCI-DSS Certification

Case Study

Photography E-Commerce Client

The Challenge

The Client was expanding from an online door-to-door photography retailer to investing in larger communities through opening physical stores and events. They were anticipating a lot more work than their in-house team can handle and needed to develop the back-end of their scaling online retail business quickly to meet the increasing demand. Their Business Development Executive specifically requested for a flexible contract starting with database management and online customer support outsourcing services from Anderson.

The Solution

The Client wanted a team of photographers with technical knowledge to update 20 products daily, gathering product information from the Client’s preferred cloud-based CRM software and checking its product history on the Client’s e-commerce platform, updating its stock inventory, pricing, and availability. If the product is not yet uploaded in the e-commerce platform, the agents research and provide the product information themselves and upload it on the website.

The Client chose lead agents to be trained by their own in-house officers in order to conduct the training for the rest of the team members covering topics on web order processing, commercial order processing, website maintenance, product upload cycles, and product research and pricing.

The Results

For the first three months, the Client requested a complete haul of their product listings and stocks, with daily quotas for one employee set to uploading 20 to 30 products per day. Once the site was fully updated and organized, the Client shifted their work focus to maintaining the site and removed the daily target quotas. Half of the team was trained and re-assigned to handling the next task on the agenda: Customer Support.


Accuracy of information placed in the Client database

Daily product uploads per agent


Average team monthly attendance

Average team growth periods

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