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Outbound Calls – Data Validation

Precision and accuracy


What Is Data Validation?

Are you still keeping track of your customer database? Some of them probably changed phone numbers or addresses already and you might be sending notifications to the wrong address. Are your direct marketing efforts paying off or do you think you need to do an overall cleanse for your customer directory?

All of these issues are inevitable and it is vital that you have an updated and high-quality database to actually produce and see results. So how do you keep your customers’ information up to date?

A really effective way of putting an end to misdirected mailers and stagnant direct marketing results is a process called data validation.

Data validation is basically ensuring that all information is corrected, organized and replaced with the updated information. This can be done through outbound calls wherein trained agents call customers to confirm personal details your company possesses. This process usually goes with data cleansing which involves detecting outdated information and updating the current data.

Keep Your Valuable Information Up To Date

Data Correction

Your customers are living separate lives. Some of them may have already moved to a different address or changed last names, and whatnot. Having an updated information about your customers make them feel valued and cared for. This is one of the things you need to go for if you want to build customer loyalty.

Removal of Duplicates

With a rapidly growing customer base, it gets harder to keep track of all the information your company acquires. Through time, you will get duplicate subscriptions resulting to bulking up your database and bombarding one specific lead of your mailers and other content you send out. With our detail-oriented agents, you can make sure that you get rid of all duplicates and maintain a clean database for all your marketing efforts.

Data Integrity Audit

Often times, when individuals fill up form, they are not quite sure which field to input their answer. Sometimes, they even miss a field completely. When digitized, this results in mislocated information and untidy database. Hiring your own team who is solely focused on ensuring the neatness of your information will help you keep an organized directory of your customers’ information ensuring precision at all times.

Your company is growing and so is the number of your customers. Continuous update and regular cleansing of your database can be time-consuming and can hold you back, or worse, steer you away from moving towards your business goals.

This process requires a meticulous eye and can be daunting especially when you are doing it all by yourself. Hiring a team of experts reduces work time and improves accuracy since their job focuses on perfecting your database.

Spell Check

Small correction in details can lead to missing your customers. A misspelling of an address can result to a waste of weeks in shipping or hundreds of unread emails. You also would not want to give off an impersonal vibe by addressing a name with the wrong spelling or incomplete prefix. With a team of your own doing a careful check, your database will maintain cleanliness with minimal to no error at all.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Validation

So, what is all the fuss about outsourcing data validation tasks to an entire team? Is it worth the investment? The answer to that is simple. Big companies are able to handle all their data not by accident but because of the extra effort they put in making sure everything is in order even in the smallest of details.

Free-flowing Data Management

With a whole team dedicated in ensuring the accuracy of all the data, managing information would be a lot easier. Sectioning data and working with them will be a much faster process for any improvement you wish to have. What’s better is that these pieces of information will be available to you in its most updated and accurate version.

Maintain High-Quality Database

When you are opting for high-quality service for your customers, you need to work down to the smallest details in order to provide the best customer service. With the help of an offshore team, your collection of data will always be of high quality containing the correct information.

Accurate Information

When rushed, accumulated data can have false information. Having consistent inaccurate data can cause your business to lose customers due to wrong addresses or missed phone calls. It is inevitable to miss an error when dealing with a chunk of data which is why it is better to have a group of focused individuals working on keeping pieces of information up to date and error-free. This avoids the sensation of being overwhelmed by a chunk of data and oversights.

Open Opportunities for Improvement

Keeping updated and accurate information about your customers also opens doors for improvement on your whole business strategy. Having agents confirming personal information will help you develop your tactics and provide a more targeted approach in marketing.

Your growing business needs your attention now more than ever. Dealing with thousands of data could be a daunting process and it should not be one of your problems. Get a team of keen individuals trained to keep your customer database accurate and reliable.

Industries That Outsource Data Validation


Financial Services

Food & Beverages





When to Outsource Data Validation

Verifying data is one cost-effective way of keeping your process seamless. This also provides opportunities for you to improve your marketing strategies, enhancing your productivity and improving your overall results. But how would you know if it is time for you to outsource your company’s data validation process? Here are a few things you need to keep in check.

  • You’re mailing the wrong address
  • When the customer is not answering the phone
  • When the number is invalid
  • You want to improve your marketing strategy
  • If you’re getting low-quality leads
  • When you’re getting a high percentage in bounce rates
  • If you’re not getting enough traction with the mailers you send out
  • When you want to target new audience