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The rave about effective inbound marketing is strong. With the rapid evolution of how humans use the internet came inbound marketing. Inbound marketing attracts leads through content produced in media such as blogs, social media, and websites. A lot of businesses adopt these new marketing methods. They prove to be more effective and less costly than traditional methods, pushing old marketing techniques such as cold calls and door-to-door sales to extinction.

Inbound marketing’s attraction power is what makes it so effective. As long as your business creates engaging and interesting content, your business will attract the right kind of leads.

So where do call centers enter the equation?

While there is no need for a call center to implement an inbound marketing strategy, a call center capable of both inbound and outbound calls increases its effectiveness.

Inbound calls –Customer experience enhancer

The primary purpose of inbound call services is to take care of customer inquiries and make sure that a caring customer-vendor business relationship is already established long before leads become actual customers.

Interested prospects may contact your business. From this point, you can already increase your business value to your potential customers.

Here’s how an effective inbound marketing call center can add value to your potential customers:

  • No late or missed interactions – a call center’s sole purpose is to attend to customers’ (both potential and existing) needs. This enables call centers to focus and prioritize immediately attending to customer engagements.
  • Personalized communication – with an actual person dedicated to communicating with each customer, every business interaction would surely be personalized. Valuable data could also be collected through these personal interactions
  • Omni-channel support – In today’s world, there are a lot of ways to communicate. Premier BPO providers have the tools to support multiple communication channels

Making prospects feel valued and guided throughout the buyer’s journey is a huge plus for closing deals.

Outbound-Deal closer

Outbound call services, on the other hand, can convert leads that show interest in the business into customers. Outbound techniques, including traditional techniques like cold-calling and direct mail, fails to compare with inbound marketing. However, outbound services paired with effective inbound marketing will work wonders.

Why is this so? Well, these are the ways outbound services can complement your inbound marketing strategy:

  • A chance to convert leads – interested leads who don’t proceed to communicate with your business may be seeking additional information they didn’t find with your content. Engage with these leads through outbound calls.
  • Better reach – through analyzing data gained through inbound marketing and inbound calls, your outbound sales team can move on and engage people or business that matches leads that showed interest for your company. This will draw new leads to your content, expanding the reach of your brand.
  • Closing deals– outbound agents are likely to have a strong sales background that is essential in closing deals. Sales work wonders with leads already interested in your business. This is especially true if you have an effective inbound call center strategy that has given prospects a wonderful brand and customer experience. In gist, inbound agents attend to leads’ needs and inquiries, then outbound agents come in to close the deal.

So, to put it in a marketing equation, implement a solid inbound marketing strategy to attract and educate leads to your business. Use inbound calls to enhance the customer experience of interested leads who are engaged your business; use outbound calls to close deals for interested entities, and interact with leads that show interest but won’t engage with the business.

Anderson Group BPO, Inc.’s call center service both have inbound and outbound capabilities. With our client-ready flexibility, you can easily align your brand and marketing with our services.

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