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Email – Help Desk Support

It has long been proven that a positive customer experience means a positive impact on business revenue. Customers are more likely to purchase again and refer a product or service to their peers if they had a pleasant customer experience.

In this imperfect world, however, interruptions or obstacles are inevitable. There are cases when a customer will need more information about a product to enjoy using it. This is why a resource intended to help customers have the best experience when using your products or services is crucial to business growth.


What Is Help Desk Support?

A help desk is a department that assists end users with issues involving the organization’s products or services. Usually, help desk agents deal with technical issues. They provide assistance through troubleshooting. Nonetheless, the support that a help desk may give could be as simple as providing information. This is usually what first-level agents do. They refer to a knowledge base to help customers and employees.

When the issue is much harder to handle and the first-level agents do not have the answers in their knowledge base, they could escalate it to second-level agents. If second-level agents still couldn’t resolve the issue, a business can go as far as implementing a third-level help desk support operation. Typically, help desks use an issue tracking software to provide prompt assistance to customers.

There’s also an exclusive type of help desk that serves the internal employees of an organization. It offers the same kind of support and primarily deals with technical issues as well, such as troubleshooting the internet connection. In this context, the role of a help desk is to reduce downtime and ensure that employees obtain the support they need to work as efficient and productive as possible.

A business may provide help desk assistance through different channels. Phone and personal interaction comprise the voice channels. Live chat and email comprise the non-voice channels.

Email Help Desk

Many customers prefer using email to interact with businesses for many reasons. For one, emails are cost-efficient. Compared to the phone, there’s also a smaller chance for miscommunication via email. As the interaction via email is not simultaneous, customers and businesses alike have enough time to ensure the accuracy of their replies. Many customers also prefer using email because an email leaves a virtual paper trail that they may keep for future use. 

In an organization, email is usually the primary means of communication. It is chiefly due to documentation purposes. As email is equal to a written record, it serves as a helpful reference in case of a business dispute.

Offshore Email Help Desk Services

Indeed, a help desk is crucial to your business growth. It helps strengthen your relationship with customers as you provide them with assistance to help them enjoy your products or services to the fullest. It also ensures that a mediator is in place in the event of a disruption. 

Establishing and managing a help desk in-house, however, could deplete key resources.  It costs time, money, and effort. As a result, many businesses choose to outsource the task to reliable offshore solutions providers instead. By outsourcing, a business could hire the right candidates to accommodate customers and employees immediately. It can also reduce operational expenses through offsite email help desk operations.

We are an ISO 27001:2013 Certified outsourcing solutions provider based here in the Philippines. We live and breathe the need to help businesses reach their full potential. Although we are very much open to working with businesses of any shape and size, we specialize in helping startups and SMEs grow. 

Our comprehensive suite of solutions comprises of contact center and back-office services. The former includes inbound calls, outbound calls, social media management, virtual assistant, email and live chat. The latter, on the other hand, includes data entry, data cleansing, data analysis, and market research. To know more about who we are, head to our about us page.

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Help Desk Support

Read on the benefits of outsourcing email help desk services:

Prompt and high-quality support

Outsourcing firms specialize in help desk operations via different channels; including email. They possess the systems, the expertise, the experience, and the efficient process that will help boost customer and employee satisfaction. They could ensure that quality support is available in a timely manner.


From the name itself, a help desk is a resource intended to provide help. Customers and employees alike expect that reaching a help desk would give the assistance they need to resolve issues. There’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to obtain the appropriate help from a resource intended to provide it. Needless to say, a help desk should comprise of staff with skills in customer service and information technology. Outsourcing firms are experts when it comes to non-core tasks including help desk services via email. 

Save time

As you surrender control of the operations to your outsourcing partner, you gain time to spend on the core areas of your business. You don’t need to find suitable candidates, purchase and maintain essential equipment and manage your staff anymore when you outsource help desk via email. You only need to make sure that you choose a good and reliable outsourcing partner.

Save money

Many businesses venture into contracting business functions to an external provider to cut operating costs. As the operations will take place offsite, your outsourcing partner will be in charge of the computer equipment, IT support, and other supplies that your agents shall need. Outsourcing to offshore countries with affordable but quality labor such as the Philippines will even further your savings. 

Expand your team easily

Outsourcing firms could accommodate your need for more staff easily. The recruitment efforts of outsourcing firms are on-going always. They find, screen and interview candidates for various non-core functions even when there is no apparent need. This is so they could easily get the essential talent they need once a client decides to avail their outsourcing services.

Industries That Outsource Email Help Desk Services




IT and Software

Food and Beverage








When to Outsource Email Help Desk Services

Listed below are the common scenarios that prompt businesses to outsource their email help desk services. If you experience a majority of these items, then it’s best that you consider outsourcing yours, too.

  • Unanswered emails
  • A large volume of messages
  • Customer service complaints
  • Slow response times
  • Technical issues
  • Lack of resources to expand business
  • Urgent help desk operation requirements
  • Need for additional staff for a limited or seasonal time period
  • Frequent downtime

Are these challenges familiar to you? Yes? Then maybe it’s time to outsource the task offshore. But before you venture into outsourcing, do a lot of research on it first. Look into the top outsourcing destinations in the world and their outsourcing vendors. You will see a lot. To give you something to start with, the major players in BPO are India, China, and the Philippines. But among the three, or even among all other outsourcing countries actually, the Philippines is the number one for voice BPO services such as appointment setting and lead generation because of its competent workforce.