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Email – Inbound Sales

Today’s buyers have more choices to make a customized purchase compared to previous generations. They could now access information about a company’s products or services. Unlike before, a newly-released phone would have its specifications, reviews, and prices available online.

With the availability of brand data on the web, customers won’t reach out to you to know who you are and what you offer anymore. Rather, they come to you to guide them in buying what they are eyeing. This is why inbound sales are important now, more than ever. It is designed to meet the way consumers want to buy.


What Is Inbound Sales? 

Inbound sales are designed to help ease the frustrations and needs that prompt potential customers (inbound leads) to reach out to a business. It is all about crafting the right response to make the consumer trust you and what you offer. In essence, it helps increase the possibility of converting an inbound lead into a sale.

Trust is the key to inbound sales. An inbound sales agent should be someone trustworthy to get advice or opinions from; a consultant. Like any relationship, this trust develops in taking the time to know the consumer.

A good inbound salesperson should ask questions and listen to the needs of the customer request. Sometimes, these customers just want someone to listen to them and prioritize their needs. Your inbound sales team should be friendly, with the customer’s best interest in mind.


Inbound Sales via Email

Despite other non-voice options to reach out to a business, many customers still go for email. It is the most-used channel in business to business transactions. This is because emails are more professional by tradition.

If you are receiving a lot of inquiries lately, it means that your inbound marketing efforts are good. While this is great for business, it could also get overwhelming. Crafting personalized email responses to foster trust and increase the chances of a sale could be time-consuming. This is where outsourcing can help.

Outsourcing Inbound Sales via Email

Anderson Group BPO provides flexible businesses solutions that can give your business a competitive edge. We provide contact center services such as inbound callsoutbound callsemailchat, and social media. We also have a reliable team to help you with meticulous back-office tasks such as market researchdata entrydata cleansing, and data analysis.

Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound Sales via Email

Read on to find out the perks of outsourcing inbound sales via email to a reliable offshore firm.

Respond to changes in demand

As mentioned, you will get a lot of opportunities for inbound sales if your inbound marketing efforts are good. Your inbox may be full of inquiries after running a successful promotional campaign. While this is great, it may also get overwhelming.  A good outsourcing firm has the talent and resources to make you ready for such circumstances. You could hire the additional talent you need in the event of a sudden spike of messages when you outsource because manpower pooling is a common practice among outsourcing firms. 

Increase sales

Several businesses rely on a good outsourcing firm for non-core business functions such as inbound sales via email because it specializes in doing the function. It possesses great expertise in delivering the inbound sales approach. With a reliable outsourcing partner for inbound sales via email, you will expect an improvement in your business revenue. 

Attend to customers anytime

A potential or existing customer may reach out to your business beyond the typical operating hours. When you partner with an outsourcing firm, you can make sure that no business is lost and no customer interaction is poor because there is someone competent to attend to your customers round-the-clock. 

Start operations immediately

No one is stopping you from establishing your own email support team in-house. The process of finding and training the right candidates that will produce the right results, however, can be time-consuming. Good outsourcing companies have the talent and equipment ready so your operations can go live immediately. 

Achieve cost-efficiency

The total payment of outsourcing includes the equipment your outsourced agents need. You no longer need to worry about purchasing and maintaining additional computers and other office utilities. Outsourcing to offshore countries with lower labor costs such as the Philippines could even double your savings.

Leave good customer impressions

As mentioned, your inbound leads most likely know the basic information about your products or services. They don’t need you to elaborate anymore. Instead, they want you to listen and give a solution catered around their needs. Agents in an outsourcing firm undergo extensive training about a client’s products or services in order to provide an educational experience to customers. Make sure that you leave a good impression among customers by partnering with a good outsourcing firm!

Industries That Outsource Inbound Sales via Email




Legal Services




IT and Software

When to Outsource Inbound Sales via Email

A good outsourcing firm helps you achieve the goals listed below once you entrust your inbound sales via email. If a majority of the items are things you want to achieve, then consider outsourcing inbound sales via email.

  • Improve sales
  • Lower labor costs
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Lower operating costs
  • Skip the hassles of recruitment
  • Set your operations live immediately
  • Accommodate customers via email 24/7