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In this digital age, why use email rather than devote digital marketing efforts to social media?

Not so fast. Don’t jump to conclusions. Email marketing may not be as popular as social media, but it is still an effective marketing method that could be adopted by all businesses.

Wonder why? Here are four reasons why outbound email marketing is still effective.

It’s personal

Email marketing has a more personal touch compared to other digital marketing methods. Your business messages will only be seen by intended people since emails are directly delivered to your recipient’s inbox. Professional tact is easier felt through emails because it takes the time to deliver more in-depth and well thought-out messages than the quick social media canned message compressed to a few sentences, if not words, long.

The best marketing method for B2B

Businesses all over the globe expect business interactions to be done over emails. Interacting through emails have always been the standard and most formal way of communication between businesses. There are still places for formal communication in this socially connected world.

Everyone uses emails, but not everyone is on social media

While social media have millions of users, it won’t trump the number of people who have email addresses. Before somebody can create a social media account, they are required to have an email account to identify them as a real person. When it comes to promotional content, about 72% of people prefer receiving promotional content through email rather than social media according to MarketingSherpa’s report.

Greater ROI

Email marketing can be more cost-effective than other methods and it can also offer a better ROI than social media. Emails actually have about 6x more chances of getting click-throughs in comparison to business social media messages.

People are reading emails on their smartphones

Depending on factors like target audience, type of email, or type of product, statistics range from around 15% to a whopping 70% of all emails read via mobile devices. Smartphones are a device almost everyone owns according to the latest update of EmailMonday.

In Summary: Outbound Email Marketing Still Effective

It’s not a bad thing to focus on digital marketing efforts on social media, but why stop there? Boost your business with an email marketing strategy that is integrated with your overall digital marketing plan.

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