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Never miss important messages by outsourcing efficient email support.

Receiving many inquiries is usually a good thing, as it could mean that more people are growing more familiar and/or interested in the company. Unfortunately, it could also be overwhelming at the receiving end. This can be a struggle especially in dealing with customers who are not always comfortable with phone inquiries because they would most likely end up in the company’s backlogged email list. With a staff focusing more on tasks addressing core functions, hundreds to thousands of emails can go unanswered (if even noticed). This poor communication capabilities can greatly hinder a business from establishing good relations with its customers.

Of course, we would never let that happen to you. Anderson PH offers email support services to help you communicate with your market. With collaborative and adaptable services, Anderson PH makes sure to deliver tailored services based on the needs of each unique client. Wondering what this service can help you with? To name a few, outsourced email support can help your business with the following:

  • Providing answers to customer inquiries
  • Receiving complaints instantly to address them immediately
  • Assisting customers on their reservations
  • Promoting and cross-selling products
  • Recruiting employees, volunteers, interns, etc.

More importantly, email support assures that:

No message will be unnoticed or unanswered. A support service available 24/7 will leave you worry-free from addressing customer concerns. Offshore locations have the advantage of being on strategic time-zones wherein customer service representatives can be posted to respond at any given time of day.

No reply will sound impersonal. Exact duplicate replies are a major turn-off. It makes customers feel like they are unimportant. Having real people on the receiving end personalizes communication with every customer, ensuring that all their concerns are noted and taken care of. Human interaction, although virtual, still fosters a better relationship between a company and its customers than having bots do the talking. The same concept works for live chat services.

Each representative should be trained to know your company and your products well to be able to deliver accurate responses. With this, you can establish excellent rapport with your customers, increase their satisfaction, and build their trust on your brand. Anderson Group BPO will be more than glad to help you achieve all of these while you focus on doing the core business work that your team does best. Here at Anderson Group BPO Inc., we grow together.

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Anderson Group BPO Inc. provides more BPO services aside from email support. Feel free to contact us to know more.