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Mecy’s Journey From Intern to Employee at Anderson Group BPO, Inc.

It was a typical summer break usually spent on vacation—but not for Mecy, As part of her college requirements, an internship for 300 hours was necessary. Luckily, the Marketing team of Anderson Group PH is in need of few extra hands as well. It was pretty much a perfect opportunity for everyone. After her initial 300-hour internship, Mecy was officially absorbed to be part of the Marketing Team.

How was your internship experience with Anderson?

During my first day, I had no idea what I should be doing. I did some research but still, it didn’t feel like enough. I was also hesitant to ask Sir Mark since it was just the first day we met each other. Eventually, I got to know him and realized that he’s actually a really kind person, although could be strict at times. Another thing that surprised me in my experience is handling and leading my co-interns. There was the pressure of understanding each task thoroughly, since it was my responsibility to explain them to my co-interns. To deal with this, one of the tactics that I used is to really research each task first and to learn everything I could about the topic. There were times I would ask myself—what if I don’t get it right? The pressure was there, I had lots of what ifs. However, I wanted to be better than my doubts, so I told myself I can do this and I’ll be able to do it right. Another unforgettable experience for me was the professional environment that is very different from school. I was able to meet a lot of employees and all the bosses I’ve worked with are very down to earth and kind.

What are the things that you learned during your internship?

I learned a lot during my stay with Anderson Group, especially with Sir Mark since he’s the one who handled us. Every time he teaches us something, I make it a point to understand and remember it. At times, it might seem like I’m not listening, although in reality, I was working hard to absorb it all.

Admittedly, our tasks are really difficult to understand but if you really spend time studying it, you’ll be able to get the hang of it. Another thing that I learned is patience, since in our group of interns, not everyone follows instructions. I learned that it’s important to be alert on the things being taught to us and that it’s important to always be professional and dedicated on your job—because if you don’t like what you’re doing, you won’t ever really understand what you need to do.

How did you get promoted to be an official employee?

I used to ask myself the same question, how come I ended up being promoted as a full time employee at Anderson Group. In the first place, all I ever wanted was to learn new things and to get experience in the workplace. Maybe the best person to ask is Sir Mark. When I learned the news that I’ll be working as an employee, I asked myself, do I deserve this? I felt so happy that I wanted to tell the whole world about it. This is probably because I was so happy about my first job and at the same time, also in the same company where I had my internship.

How are the things that you learned in your internship help you now as an employee?

During my internship, all I learned about are the basics. This is why when I was employed full time, I really did my best to study all the tasks given to me and all the basic things I knew, I really maximized them to help me. Of course, it is important not to get your ego inflated and remain who you are as a person, when you first became part of the company. Never forget where you started and the people who helped you get to where you are right now.

How do you feel Anderson has helped you in your career?

I feel blessed, overwhelmed. I’m so happy I can’t even begin to tell you how I fully feel. For me, this opportunity is really a blessing that I should take care of and give my best in this job. Initially, I was a shy girl. With the new work environment, this helped me meet new people that I never thought I’d be close friends with.

Any advice to other interns?

My advice to other interns is that to always do your best in your internship. When I was having my internship here at Anderson Group, I had to go against my family’s wishes. They wanted to train on a company that provides financial compensation. I told them, “what’s more important for you, the compensation or the fact that I’d actually learn something and acquire legit work experience?” At first, it was difficult. They couldn’t understand me. They would refuse to give me fare to go to my internship and I would ask my aunt if she can help me. I’m not telling you to defy your family, but for me, I fought hard for this since I know this will be able to help me someday. As an intern, money must not be your priority. The important things are what you will learn and the experience that you can take with you. When things get hard, don’t quit. Take a break, rest, but never every quit. At the end of the day, you will be able to tell yourself “I made it and all my efforts are worth it.” And it is, it will be.