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Inbound Calls – Help Desk

A help desk is a contact center that provides support to an organization’s employees and customers. It usually addresses technical issues, such as a malfunction in the computer of an employee or a customer’s request for more information on a product.  

What is a Help Desk?

A help desk addresses the issues of customers and employees by responding to questions and troubleshooting issues. Help desk agents know enough to resolve issues regarding a company’s product or service or the IT-related matters that cause disruptions in the work of an employee. Typically, a help desk makes use of an issue tracking system to manage concerns efficiently and provide timely assistance. 

Same with technical support and customer service, a business could also divide its help desk into levels or tiers. The number of levels that a company could implement depends on its ability. Usually, a company implements a three-level help desk support operation. Many companies apply this to deliver the best possible support to employees and customers alike. 

Helpdesk and service desk are often used interchangeably. Some reference sites argue that the two are the same. Some, on the other hand, claims that a service desk accommodates a wider range of issues compared to a help desk. 

Help Desk Support via Phone

Organizations can provide assistance to customers and employees through traditional and new channels. The former covers of face-to-face and phone interactions. The latter involves live chat and email correspondence. Despite the presence of new channels, many customers still prefer calling when reaching an organization for help. 

According to a 2017 research, customers choose the phone medium over others because they think that calling will give a faster resolution of issues. Hearing a live person respond with the solution also reassures them of its accuracy. While customers also consider live chat and email, the phone is their go-to channel when an issue is difficult to explain.

Outsourcing Help Desk Services

The continuous support of your customers and the dedication of your employees will keep your business flourishing.  This is why an external help desk intended to assist the former on issues regarding products or services, along with an internal team to support the latter with issues that disrupt their work is crucial. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Help Desk Services

While you can implement a help desk in-house, doing so can be time-consuming and expensive. By delegating your help desk to a reliable offshore firm, you can have immediate access to competent call center agents and take advantage of world-class call center infrastructure and technology. To know the specific benefits of offshore help desk services, read the list below.

Lower labor costs

Several businesses from western countries such as the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia outsource to offshore countries to take advantage of low labor costs. The Philippines has a pool of very competent yet affordable talent. Your help desk team are degree-holders when you outsource to the Philippines. The country produces roughly around 500, 000 tertiary graduates on a yearly basis. With proper training and a good management team, entry-level Filipino candidates can support your business efficiently.


Save on equipment and technology

When you outsource, you will no longer need to invest in the infrastructure and call center technology for your help desk operations. A good outsourcing firm has sufficient and quality resources in place to keep your outsourced operations running smoothly. It will make sure that your outsourced help desk agents receive the best support possible in order to provide total satisfaction to your customers and employees as well. 


Respond to changes in demand easily

Indeed, a successful marketing campaign for a product or service is something worth celebrating. The sudden influx of calls, however, can be difficult to accommodate. A good outsourcing solutions provider can adjust to this sudden change in demand more easily because it has the talent and resources ready. All BPO companies practice manpower pooling because they don’t know when a client will agree to partner with them. 

Provide after-hours support

Your customers may need your help after the typical 9:00 am to 5:00 pm business hours. Outsourcing gives you the option to provide after-hours support. You give them the liberty to call you at their most convenient time. This serves as a good start towards building a good relationship with them. After cost, this is the next top benefit that prompts many Western businesses to outsource offshore.

Gain expertise in the function

At first, businesses only look at outsourcing to reduce costs. That was then. Many now see it as a way to obtain a competitive advantage. Outsourcing firms specialize in managing non-core business functions. With a good outsourcing partner, you can take advantage of their years of experience and expertise in providing help desk assistance. As a result, you can benefit from increased efficiency in providing assistance, which could lead to a boost in customer and employee satisfaction. 


Maximize business productivity

When you outsource, your outsourcing partner will be responsible for finding and training the right candidates to build your help desk team. They will also manage them for you. The firm will be responsible for tracking your agents’ attendance and making sure that they meet your requirements. You can monitor the efficiency and productivity of your agents by asking your outsourcing partner to provide you with a report. All in all, outsourcing saves you time which you could use to think of new strategies and improve your core business.

Industries That Outsource Help Desk Services



IT and Software

Food and Beverage





When You Should Outsource Help Desk Services

Consider outsourcing help desk services if you want to:

  • Retain more customers
  • Boost customer and employee satisfaction
  • Enhance response times
  • Accommodate sudden influx of calls
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Reduce overhead expenses
  • Increase revenue
  • Expand teams quickly
  • Maximize productivity
  • Remove the burden of hiring, training, and managing additional staff
  • Increase efficiency of help desk operations
  • Focus on core business functions
  • Skip the hassles of recruitment
  • Gain expertise in providing help desk support 

In business, it takes more than passion and will to stay ahead of the competition. You need strong tactics and all the support you can get in the most cost-effective way. Expanding your business with us gives you access to a suite of comprehensive solutions and world-class services allowing you to rival with competitors and even compete with big businesses. We aim to empower your business and provide valuable support for you to be able to reach your goals.