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Job search website listed the jobs with the highest number of demands. BPO-related jobs top the list, including retail and real estate related work. The job site also released the top-paying job list. The Customer service and BPO-related roles took the 5th spot on the managerial level, with managers most likely to earn Php 80, 810.00 monthly. Other BPO jobs took the 9th spot on the associate/entry level list, with a BPO worker potentially earning a net P24, 755 a month.

In other sources, the Department of Labor and Employment found that BPO related jobs such as sales representatives and customer service representatives are among the most in-demand jobs in the Philippines, matching the findings of

A.I. Invasion

It’s not all good news though. Recently, Senator Bam Aquino expressed worry over the negative impact of the automation of jobs through A.I. on the BPO industry. There are BPO companies looking to automate their operations, effectively taking away the need for human workers. The International Employment Organization (IEO) estimates 49% of the workforce of the Philippines’ best performing industry could be affected.

Prepared for Adversity

Fortunately, the Philippine BPO sector readily prepares for such a threat. The operations director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) Jay Santisteban says that call center agents are being trained so they can tackle higher-paying jobs that require complex decision-making and critical thinking. These functions that are beyond the capabilities of AI. With the Filipinos’ being naturally quick learners, BPO clients can get more value from the local workforce as they can quickly adapt to new scenarios. The CCAP director, while admitting that automation can indeed effectively replace workers on repetitive tasks, remain confident that the Filipino BPO workforce will remain standing strong amidst strong adversity.

With AI expected to reduce human involvement on menial tasks, there is no way else to go for Filipino workers but upskill — something they are without a doubt capable of.