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Staff Leasing and Outsourcing are business models that help companies acquire personnel to handle various tasks. These can range from contact center services or even back office solutions. However, there is one distinct difference between the two offshoring services: Management. Both services have the same core offerings but the management styles for each differ.

Management Differences

With Staff Leasing, the outsourced team reports directly to you. You, as the business owner, will also be more involved in the selection of candidates for the job. With traditional outsourcing, they will be managed by your provider’s internal management team. With Staff leasing, you get to have more say over the process. You get to elect a team leader to work alongside associates. This gives you more control over operations and thus, leads to reduced risk.

Of course, your service provider fulfills all the necessary obligations to your team. They will be in charge of HR, payroll and compliance with the necessary standards. This allows you to concentrate solely on your core business without the added hassle.


All-in-all, staff leasing is the best solution for businesses looking to expand their operations while still maintaining a good amount of administrative control. It provides all the cost-saving benefits of traditional outsourcing while minimizing the risks involved. This makes it a very viable business solution that delivers huge value to your business. 

To this end, it is important to partner with a trusted BPO service provider. At Anderson Group BPO, Inc., we deliver comprehensive staff leasing services for enterprises looking to expand their team. So contact us today and let us help you reach your business goals faster.

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