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Inspiring customer service stories have captivated audiences throughout the years. It is just captivating to read stories about employees going out of their way in order to fulfill their customers’ needs. Below are just some of the most inspiring stories from 2018 about businesses going above and beyond the call of duty for their customers. Stories that endeared the business to its customers, leading to a better reputation.

“A Swede Idea for Stranded Motorists” – IKEA

Image from: Wessex’s News Agency

When two trucks crashed between junctions 31 and 30 in London, England, causing a massive traffic jam near the Dartford Crossing, the Swedish furniture giant, IKEA, accommodated not one, not two, but over two hundred motorists stranded in their store at Thurrock.

While no one was badly hurt from the incident, respondents had to close the motorway overnight. This leads to long tailbacks until 5:45 AM the next day. While several motorists stranded on the highway slept in their cars, IKEA Lakeside provided beds for motorists stuck in their store.

The store stayed open around 11 PM, an hour past its usual 10 PM closing time. No one needed to stay for the night and people found the gesture to be a very kind thing to do.

“Mysterious Glasses on the Train” – Warby Parker

Credit: Michael John Mathis

A man named Michael John Mathis accidentally left his Warby Parker glasses on a train ride from New York to Boston. Frustrated, he bought himself another pair the following day. But then, he received a package containing not only his lost glasses but also another identical pair, a copy of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road”, and a note that said:

“Hi Michael,

This might be odd…but you sat across from me on the train ride from NYC to Boston a few weeks ago and you left your glasses on the train! As luck would have it, I happen to be the GC of Warby Parker and there is nothing I like more than a good mystery…I hope these find you in good health! (also, we noticed your lenses were scratched so we made you a fresh pair!”



AK, in this instance, stands for Anjali Kumar, Warby Parker’s General Counsel. They were able to find Michael using the details he provided in the order he put in the following day.

Her actions highlight Warby Parker’s customer-centric culture as evident in their store designs and employees. Employees are taught to engage with customers directly to keep them happy and satisfied. This example from the top brass just serves to bring the point home.

“Good, but it’s no Steve’s” – Steve’s Pizza

When is a slice of pizza more than what it seems to be? This story recounted by Julie Morgan of Indianapolis is about one kind act that will really tug at heartstrings.

Julie and Rich Morgan once lived in Battle Creek, Michigan around 20 years ago. Every payday, the couple would stop by Steve’s Pizza for dinner; with Rich remarking that Steve’s is the best pizza in the world. They’ve tried other pizzas but Rich only said they were “Good, but it’s no Steve’s.” The couple had long moved from Michigan to Indianapolis but decided to take a trip to their favorite pizza place.

Unfortunately, those plans never materialized. Rich Morgan needed to be placed in hospice care—his long, valiant battle with cancer was coming to an end.

Little did the couple know, Julie’s father had contacted Steve’s Pizza and spoken to Dalton, a manager, to request a friendly text or a card after explaining their situation. To his surprise, Dalton immediately asked what pizza they wanted and volunteered to deliver it. They thought it was too much to ask since Battle Creek was three hours away from Indianapolis and Steve’s normally does not take deliveries.

Dalton just said that he understood and that he would leave after he closed the store. At 2:30 AM, he arrived at the Morgan’s, delivering two extra special pizzas to the families. He empathized with their situation and assured them he will be praying for them as he returned to Battle Creek for work the next day.

Dalton has since become somewhat of a local hero after media outlets picked up the story of his epic midnight delivery.

The Importance of Going the Extra Mile

Excellent customer service does not always need an unusual situation to arise. There is honor in the day-to-day interactions with customers frequenting the business. Every day can be special if employees are willing to go the extra mile. Businesses have to practice a customer-centric culture, starting from the front line and reaching all the way to the management at the top. The most important person in any business, after all, is the customer.

Channels that provide the necessary support for the business to reach their customers better will be instrumental. Mediums such as live chat and social media can be used not only for promotions but for delivering added value as well. Even a simple phone call at the right time can do wonders to brighten a customer’s day. Here at Anderson Group, we provide you the support to better reach your customers through these channels.

Got any stories of exemplary customer service from your company? Share it with us below.