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Before becoming one of the key members of Anderson Group’s Human Resource team, Izzy started out as one of Anderson’s interns. The management saw great potential in her which paved the way for a career opportunity. Read on as she shares her Anderson experience.

  1. How was your internship experience with Anderson?

The first time I heard of Anderson Group was during my last year in college. My other classmates who have been here told stories that made it sound so inviting and interesting. That’s when my friend Shaira and I decided to spend our internship here. At first, we thought the everyday travel was going to be a struggle but eventually, we got used to it. Every experience we had with Anderson as interns was memorable; from an amazing race of searching for a place we could stay in, to a race to get as many applicants as we needed. It was really an inspirational experience for us.

  1. What did you learn during your internship?

I can still remember our orientation like it was yesterday. We were asked to compose a test for screening applicants. It was nerve-wracking because it felt like an actual job interview! We got to finish it only in two days with interpretation. The next task given to us was sourcing. I can still remember all the positions we have to fill. During that time, both Shaira and I had a really hard time; Shaira – since this is her first time working for an actual company and while I had experience, it felt like there is still a lot to know about what we had to do. What I’ve realized during my internship days is that it’s not easy to recruit people and sort those who qualify for the position. However, I have sharpened my skills in the duration. I was also able to expand my connections from just a few persons to a larger group of people. I was able to manage my time and be efficient and productive.

  1. How did you get promoted as an official employee?

Even before I finished my internship here at Anderson I’ve always known that this is the kind of working environment I wanted. All the people here are easy to get along with. Plus, when I’m working here, I don’t feel like I’m working at all. I have been into different companies big and small, name it, but this is the only working environment that I really get to enjoy so I told to myself that I’ll come back here as an HR staff, the job I never thought I would be pursuing. I remember going back and forth here because of my school requirements and every time I do, I ask my superior for an open position persistently. After months of waiting, I finally got a call from him, asking if I was interested in a position in the HR Department. With no hesitation, I said yes.

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  1. How did your learnings during your internship help you now as an employee?

During my internship here in Anderson I have realized that what we learned in school is not even a quarter of the real playing field. The things I learned in school are all by the book and some of them may not be even applicable. The activities and tasks assigned to us during our internship taught us how to be ingenious when it comes to sourcing applicants and finding the right fit for the open position. I learned that thinking outside the box is really a big thing because we cannot be fixated only on a few ideas. We need to be creative enough to be able to produce what’s needed. All of the knowledge I have gained during my internship is definitely useful and practical.

  1. How did Anderson Group help in shaping you to become a better professional?

Anderson helped me a lot to grow from a budding intern to a full bloomed HR personnel. Everything I’ve learned, tried, and practiced during my internship had me moving forward and made me confident enough to pursue my dreams.  It inspired me to be more organized and be on track. Because of my internship, I was inspired to keep exploring. Being in Human Resource is what I’ve always wanted and Anderson helped me turn my dreams into reality. Anderson gave me the opportunity to put in action all the learnings and ideas I have in mind.

  1. Any advice to other interns?

Go for what you love to do, be where you want to be, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The trials and tribulations you might encounter in school and internship may be nothing compared to what you will encounter in the real world, but those experiences will help you grow and be strong. In life, we are like pearls; before they become such beauties, they go through a long process and take time in becoming lustrous pearls.  Though our lives, we will face challenges and failures which will eventually shape us into something greater than expected.


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