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As an IT Admin intern, you need to have the knowledge and the right amount of determination in order to make the best of your training. Dandy talks about his journey in surviving the challenges and and how he passed them with flying colors to become one of AGBI’s full time employees.

How was your internship experience with Anderson?

It was really a dream come true! Not exaggerating, but I’ve always aspired for an internship where I can practice my knowledge in network, server and IT Operations. It was really an awesome experience with amazing people. I’ve always been very excited and I’ve always looked forward to every single day to widen my knowledge and harness the best of my potential skills. My internship with Anderson exposed and prepared me for the outside world. I have been part of their major projects which is very unusual with other internship experiences. Moreover, it’s not just about work. Luckily, I have also been part of their summer outing at Canyon Cove and it was dope. My colleagues are really awesome, friendly and kind. They never treated me as an outcast and they are not hesitant to teach me everything that they could offer. Anderson made me experience the corporate world and how it goes. #AndersonExperience

What did you learn during your internship?

I have learned so much more than I expected. Normally, an intern is only limited to specific tasks but not with my experience in Anderson. They let me do things as if I were an employee already. I had to work hard,  gain their trust, and show my supervisors that I can handle my tasks well. They have taught me with IT processes, network and server administration. I have put into action all the concepts that I learned during my college days. I have learned a lot when it comes to the technical aspects of being an IT Admin. Apart from this, I have also gained lessons on how I should live my life as a hard-working professional. Now, I am fully aware of the values I should keep and those I should further develop.

 dandy 5

How were you promoted as an official employee?

Modesty aside, I just did my best, loved what I was doing. I seized the moment and the opportunity that Anderson had entrusted upon me. Maybe my supervisor and colleagues saw my potential and how dedicated I was with my job but I will never truly know the reason behind me getting hired.  What I’m sure of is I really wanted the role and the people who I will work with so bad so I prayed hard for it and now here I am.

How did your learnings during your internship help you now as an employee?

My internship lasted for 520 hours. In the duration, I have been familiarized with the process and the workarounds. But it’s not just all about the technical aspect, though. What I treasure the most are the words of wisdom from my colleagues that inspired and motivated me. They helped ignite my spirit to really put my heart on what I love and figure out my passion leading me to my purpose. With that, I strived really hard in expanding my knowledge and looked forward to growth and I think that’s what really helped me to get to where I am now.

How did Anderson Group help in shaping you to become a better professional?

As a fresh graduate, having this job is a great start for my career. I know that this is what I really want and it’s in line with my career path. As an IT Admin intern, I was exposed to Cisco devices, Sophos firewall and Dell servers which are major players across the enterprise network. Having been engaged with great learnings and such amazing people make me feel so blessed and all I can say is “Thank God!”.

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Any advice to other interns?

Seize the moment! Enjoy, learn and be better. If you’re looking for an unforgettable internship experience, Anderson is the place to go.

I have lived with these statements ever since I was an intern and I’d like to share them:

“Never stop loving, never stop running, and never stop learning.”

“A lot of struggle, motivation, determination and a “never give up” attitude”

“You should enjoy the little detours to the fullest. Because that’s where you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”


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