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How do you go from IT Admin intern to a full-time Jr. IT Administrator? Here’s Neal Justine Malabanan’s story of how to do just that.


How was your internship experience with Anderson?

It was really great to be part of Anderson as an IT Admin intern. Anderson Group BPO, Inc. gave me an opportunity to experience the corporate world where they taught me all about the aspects of the company’s IT Operations. Anderson widened my knowledge and brought out the best of my skills. My colleagues are really kind and friendly, they treat me like family and it is really an honor that I’m part of Anderson Group’s IT Department.

What did you learn during your internship?

I have learned so much during my internship as an IT Admin intern. I was treated as if I were an employee already and they did not hesitate to teach me everything that they could offer. They taught me all about computer networks, servers, IT processes, and client facing to boost my confidence. That was a really big help for me in preparing for the real world.

How were you promoted as an official employee?

I really don’t know the main reason I was hired as a Jr. IT Administrator in Anderson. What I’m sure of is that I just did my very best because I really wanted the role and the colleagues I worked with, and I just grabbed the job opportunity that Anderson assigned me — maybe it is God’s plan to place me where I can build my skills, knowledge, and character.

How did your learnings during your internship help you now as an employee?

During my internship, I was trained in IT Operations and workarounds. It helped me a lot now as an employee because it is now easier for me to internalize the processes that I was already doing when I was an Intern. What I loved the most are the teachings — the words of wisdom from our Supervisors — that inspired and pushed me to strive harder to become professional.

How did Anderson Group help in shaping you to become a better professional?

I’m very blessed and thankful as a fresh graduate to have Anderson as my first job to start my career. I believe that this is the career path that I really want. Having awesome colleagues and the great learnings and experiences help shape me to become a better professional.


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