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How can you tell you’ve got a valuable internship experience? Here’s Yngwie McBoy Macute telling his own internship success story with Anderson Group BPO, Inc. as he went from intern to employee.


How was your internship experience with Anderson?

Among the three internships that I’ve experienced, Anderson Group BPO, Inc. was the best. As an IT student, it made me realize what industry I wanted to be in after I graduated from college. I honestly didn’t feel like an intern for this company by the way my mentors welcomed and treated me. I met every member of the IT department here on my first time because I got lucky enough to visit the other company sites in Ecotower and Wynsum for our projects.

They always asked me these two AWESOME questions: “What else do you want to learn?” and “What do you want me to teach you in relation to your course as an IT?” These are the questions I treasure the most. It boosts my eagerness to learn more. I’ve also decided to pass on those questions for my own interns, which actually just happened recently.   

What did you learn during your internship?

There are a lot of things I’ve learned regarding my course and the path that I wanted to be in, especially in IT Networking. I couldn’t have imagined that I would be able see, touch and learn the Data Server as my mentors have guided me on how to configure it. I thought that I would only be an encoder or that I would just be configuring a printer or photocopying files. That was what I experienced in my previous internships. But I was wrong — I even learned how to manage a top brand of firewalls and figure out how it really works! My mentors not only taught me the knowledge areas that I needed to learn in networking. They also taught me the discipline and the characteristics that I needed to enjoy my job in this industry.

How did you get promoted as an official employee?

I honestly don’t really know how; maybe it’s because they saw my eagerness to learn a lot of things as an intern? But like I’ve said, I don’t really know. At the time, I barely thought that I will someday be an employee of Anderson. I really wanted to, though. But during the internship, I was mostly just enjoying the wisdom and knowledge that was being fed into my brain. I still kept going back to the office to learn and be taught by our mentors even after my OJT hours were completed.

How did your learnings during your internship help you now as an employee?

It helps me big time because the things that I’ve learned from my internship are exactly the same things I’m now applying as an employee. The only difference was that during the internship, I didn’t have access to sensitive company information. The learnings also helped me know how to be a productive employee and how to solve specific technical problems in the office.

How did Anderson Group help in shaping you to become a better professional?

Anderson Group exposed me to the actual things that are happening inside an office. The company helps me know how to properly solve problems with a specific solution, how to be calm in response to a major threat, and how to think critically before resolving issues. In short Anderson Group BPO, Inc. taught me and equipped me with the things I needed for the real world.

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