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Microsoft began with transforming its people first.

With the changing trends in technology, companies face the inevitable and mandatory challenge to transform digitally. It has to find or create new ways to stay relevant to consumers and remain in the competition. In short, a company can only survive through digital transformation.

But what does it take to transform digitally? What’s the first step in the digital transformation process?

These questions were answered at the second IBPAP Talks Human Tech Series last November 29, 2017, at the F1 Hotel in Bonifacio Global City. Specifically, it was Microsoft Philippines’ National Technology Officer Jomari Mercado who shed light on this subject in his keynote address, citing Microsoft’s journey towards digital transformation as an example.  

Microsoft Philippines' National Technology Officer Jomari Mercado as keynote speaker at the second IBPAP Talks Human Tech Series

(Mr. Jomari Mercado as the keynote speaker)

A cultural shift

Mercado pointed out that a company can only transform until its people do. With this, a company must work to create a culture that will allow them to grow and eventually morph into the Digital World. Its people must have the right mindset, behavior, and values to communicate the company’s mission and vision with modern media. To further his point, Mercado elaborated on Microsoft’s digital transformation.

Microsoft’s digital transformation

Initially, Microsoft makes products or services for the personal computers of its consumers given that it is the only primary device that people used in the early years of technology. However as the decades went by, people started using more advanced technology such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and more. This change triggered Microsoft to create new products and services that will be marketable in this increasingly digitally-driven world.

The ultimate key that enabled Microsoft to transform digitally was through creating a culture that is brave, committed, and open to change. With these traits embodied by Microsoft employees, it was able to create new products and services to cater to the evolving needs and wants of its customers. It shifted Microsoft’s perspective from initially aiming to create opportunities for people through the power of PCs, to a whole new level of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

The success of Microsoft’s digital transformation came to fruition because of these three realizations:

  • Digital transformation requires a team effort. A business owner cannot transform its company digitally alone. Every person in a company must work together to ensure its success.
  • The people in a company should have a growth mindset to transform digitally. A company must cultivate a culture that is welcoming to change. This enables its people to foster innovative and creative ideas to enable a successful digital transformation.
  • The success of a company’s digital transformation is measured by sustainability. A company should not rush to transform every aspect of its business. The key to digital transformation is to rethink and strategize a way to sustain business operations.


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