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We Know Lead Generation Services

Finding and reaching the right audience.

Need more customers? When there is a demand for your products and services but you struggle to find the time to seek them out for yourself, or if you want to expand your sales team, outsource your lead generation services needs to Anderson.

As part of our back office solutions, our lead generators can help support your sales teams by researching organizations or individuals online, identifying new leads and potential markets, and performing web and email scraping. Enjoy all these benefits while increasing your client database.

Lead Generation Tasks Breakdown

To maintain the performance quality of an outsourced process, the job has to be broken down into smaller tasks. For lead generation services, there are four main responsibilities:

Market Research

Source leads from available online platforms such as LinkedIn, company websites, social media groups, and online events.

Web or Email Scraping

Collect and verify consumer data.

Market Segmentation

Create customer profiles to assess the potential of the collected leads.

Database Management

Pre-screen qualified leads and update the client list.

Finding your Lead Generation Specialist


You provide your Job Description and Requirements


We source and shortlist the best candidates


You interview your selected candidates over video conference platforms


We onboard your Lead Generation Specialist, take care of your HR & Payroll compliance and provide initial training


Housed in our Philippine office, your agent reports directly to you

How Lead Generation Services Work

  • Identify your goals, budget, and required schedules.
  • Set targets and timelines (KPIs) with Anderson to come up with the Service Level Agreement.
  • After hiring, Anderson performs onboarding and training.
  • Agent reports directly to you and sends daily updates, including end of day reports.
  • Measure staff performance and reassess goals with Team Leader or Operations Manager.

Case Study

Digital Marketing Startup Client

The Challenge

The Client has only been in the business for a year and faced the challenge of building up its customer database. Its current lack of a client portfolio required it to hire an aggressive sales and marketing team that is within its startup funding budget. This led them to outsource lead generation services from Anderson.

The Solution

We provided our Digital Marketing Client with a small team of lead generation agents to mine leads from online social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest targeting the Australian and New Zealand regions. The agents were given a daily quota of uploading a minimum of 15 leads on the Client-provided CRM. The Client chose to provide their own training.

The Results

The Client started with two agents but they expanded to six agents with one team leader. Besides lead generation, the team was tasked to do competitor mapping as well. This additional task had our agents source 20 to 30 more similar companies from each of our Client’s current customer profiles. In addition to this, they also asked for market insights and hired an SEO specialist. Our customer provides feedback for these tasks by giving each agent a score.


Performance rating surpassing the Client targets

Daily lead submissions per agent

Increase in outsourced agent team headcount

Additional services requested by the Client


ISO 27001:2013 Certification
DPA Certified
PCI-DSS Certification

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