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Outbound Calls – Lead Generation

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What Is Lead Generation?

In explaining lead generation, it’s essential to explain what a lead is first. That said, a lead is someone who has shown an interest in a company. For example, someone asked more about your business during a cold call, filled out a form to download content from your website, or called your business to inquire about your products or services.

Lead generation, on the other hand, is the process of turning a stranger into this aforementioned lead. Simply put, it is a way of attracting potential customers to your business.

Inbound Lead Generation

You can generate leads in two ways: the inbound lead generation or the outbound lead generation. The former cultivates inbound leads or leads that come to you. It leverages the fact that today’s buyers are performing research about a product or service online.

The thing about the inbound lead generation, however, is it can only work once customers find you in their pursuit of information. They need to see you for the inbound lead generation to be possible. Now, once they do find your marketing channels such as your social media accounts or blogs, you need to make sure that they have inbound lead generation tools such as forms and calls-to-action.

Hence, your marketing efforts must be good for the inbound lead generation to happen. Among many others, your marketing team should prioritize creating quality and optimized content to increase website visibility and traffic.

Outbound Lead Generation

Although inbound leads are easier to convert, they are difficult to obtain if you’re new in the business. This is why many startups and small to medium businesses are still acquiring leads through the outbound process.

In the outbound lead generation, you reach out instead of waiting. You initiate the contact with the customer. It’s you who sets when the contact will happen and what information to relay. In short, you are the one in control. Outbound lead generation is great when you are targeting specific customers or if your product caters to almost every type of customer.

You may do outbound lead generation through telemarketing and sending cold emails. In an outbound call center, these are the core tasks of lead generation specialists. Aside from these, they can also mine leads and set up an appointment with qualified leads.

Outbound Lead Generation Services

Outbound lead generation may only be successful if you have excellent lead generation specialists. However, obtaining skilled talent can not only take time but also cost a lot of money. As a resort, many businesses are getting lead generation services offshore.

At a cost-competitive price, businesses that outsource lead generation are able to acquire skilled talent that can generate qualified leads. Needless to say, it could only happen if they choose the right offshore company to partner with.

Benefits of Outbound Lead Generation Services

Below are the other benefits of getting lead generation services offshore:

Double the productivity of the in-house sales team

In availing lead generation services offshore, you can enjoy a constant stream of quality leads. Your in-house sales team can just divert its efforts on closing deals. You can even further maximize the productivity of your in-house sales team by asking offshore agents to set up an appointment with leads. This ensures that a lead is willing to engage in a higher level of discussion with you. As a result, the possibility of a sale increases.

Streamline and improve the efficiency of the sales process

BPO firms are experts in managing non-core business functions including lead generation. They equip lead generation specialists with the proper training and tools to accomplish their tasks efficiently. They have a tried and tested process for outbound call center operations. With an excellent team on your side, closing deals will become easier and faster. All in all, this increases the efficiency of your sales process.

Engage with the right prospects

Many companies are still facing great difficulty in connecting with the right clients. There’s nothing more frustrating than engaging with a customer and learning that there is no match between you two. With lead generation services offshore, you can obtain leads that fit your requirements. As mentioned, BPO companies are experts in generating quality leads.

Start outbound call center operations immediately

You can spend a considerable amount of time and money in setting up outbound call operations in-house. In offshoring lead generation, you can start operations immediately. BPO companies have the talent and equipment ready to support your business.

Reduce operational expenses

One of the primary reasons why a business offshore is because of the cost-benefit. At a fraction of a cost, you can obtain competent agents that can streamline your sales process. The total payment for outsourcing also includes all the essential equipment that outsourced agents shall need. This includes the workstations, computers, and headsets.

Industries That Outsource Outbound Lead Generation




IT & Software






Financial Services




When to Offshore Outbound Lead Generation

How do you know when it’s time to get lead generation services offshore? Well, businesses usually delegate lead generation in order to:

  • Cut operating costs
  • Ensure quality leads
  • Get sales results faster
  • Guarantee skilled talent
  • Start operations immediately
  • Get resources to support business growth
  • Save time on obtaining and training talent
  • Improve the efficiency of the sales process
  • Double the productivity of the in-house sales team
  • Connect with the right leads
  • Streamline the sales process

Please note that all of this can only be possible with the right BPO Company. This is why you should take an ample amount of time to research on outsourcing first. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing. Look into the top outsourcing countries in the world and their vendors.

Usually, a vendor is known for a particular task, so look into that as well. While there are risks to outsourcing, the best way to mitigate all of them is by choosing the right BPO Company at the end of the day.