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Improve your live chat support operations with the latest facts about it as your guide. 

Live chat support has become an increasingly common feature on websites. Many companies have implemented it to serve as the tier-1 part of their customer service and as a tool for sales conversion. With more and more businesses applying it on their sites, the demand for quality service in this platform has been increasing as well. 

Just recently, Contact Center Week released its Live Chat Benchmark 2018 report. The report revealed the latest trends in live chat services based on a survey among companies from countries including Turkey, US, Colombia, India, UK, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Check out our key takeaways below. 

  1. Fast responses don’t guarantee customer satisfaction. The report disclosed that companies using auto accept chats have an average customer satisfaction rate of 72.14%. This figure is 8.54% lower than the average customer satisfaction rate for live chat support. As it turns out, customers place more importance on getting quality support than immediate attention. In fact, they are willing to wait if it means obtaining the service they truly need.
  2. Demand and preference for live chat continue to grow. Chat queries increased from 2, 956 in 2016 to 5, 268 in 2017. Customers are demanding more from this channel nowadays with it becoming increasingly common on websites. Personalizing your chat responses to customers is one great way to enhance customer support and stand out from competitors. 
  3. More customers are choosing to reach organizations via mobile. More customers prefer reaching organizations through their mobile devices than their computers. In 2017, 43.78% of the chat queries received by companies surveyed came from mobile phones. If you don’t have chat support available on mobile, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to boost customer satisfaction and sales.
  4. Proactive chats are not yet widely accepted. The overall acceptance rate for proactive chat is around 7%. Among those surveyed, organizations belonging to the government and non-profit holds the highest acceptance rate with 26.46%. This is followed by e-commerce with 22.98% and telecommunications with 9.92%. Companies from the healthcare industry hold the lowest acceptance rate of 1.69%. Key leaders should start planning how to best utilize proactive chat for their online customers.

Outsourcing live chat

Outsourcing has been a widely popular business practice among entrepreneurs worldwide. Businesses owners that are looking for means to reduce overhead costs and improve the efficiency of their live chat operations venture into outsourcing. Aside from the positive impact on costs, other advantages of outsourcing live chat support are:

  • Improve the efficiency of processes for chat support
  • Focus on other income-generating tasks
  • Option to give 24/7 support to customers
  • Access to expert chat support agents

These are just some of the primary benefits that outsourcing live chat services can give. If you hope to know more about this opportunity, fill out the form below! We are more than happy to discuss this in further detail at any time you like.