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Women now are able to explore more opportunities in various fields. The once prevailing notion that women belong in the domestic sphere seems non-existent anymore. Today, a woman’s presence is evident in a wide array of sectors such as politics, business, and law enforcement.

But in as much as it will be great to say that the fight is over for women, it’s not. While women have come a long way in enabling their rights, they have yet to conquer stereotypes.

Even up to this day, the stereotype of which jobs are for men and which are for women still prevails. There are still those who think that jobs involving science, mathematics, and technology are for men while the arts are for women. This limits individuals in general from pursuing what they want.

In recent news, the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) have partnered to create opportunities for Filipino women who want to enter the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector. They opened 175 scholarship slots for Filipinas who want to learn more about game creation, animation, and web development.

Filipino women who are within the 18 to 45 age bracket are eligible to avail the scholarships. Accepted applicants will be trained from two to seven months at the partner schools of TESDA. There will also be a career coaching for IT-BPM jobs besides said training program.

With the scholarships, Filipinas who lack the financial capability to learn more about technology-related jobs will now have the chance. In general, these are some of the jobs of the future that IT-BPM workers must prepare to take on given the presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Jobs of the future

For many years, businesses from across the globe seek the help of BPOs in managing basic functions. This includes jobs such as data entry, answering calls, and research. With the presence of AI, however, BPO workers now face a strong competitor in performing these jobs. This causes an inevitable shift in the kind of jobs that businesses will outsource to BPOs.

Soon, businesses will reach out to BPOs for higher-level jobs such as data analytics, if not now. This poses a challenge for the BPO sector to fill the gap between the demand and supply. Simply put, BPO workers must work on learning and acquiring the skills of the future.

Key industry leaders have already kick-started initiatives to prepare the sector for the evolution of work. This includes facilitating a series of talks to raise awareness about the jobs of the future and where they can get formal training about them. The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) has also partnered with a number of local universities to offer a program that will ready students for entry-level BPO jobs.

Here at Anderson Group BPO, key leaders down to employees never stop learning to serve their clients better. Our commitment to delivering world-class BPO services has led to the growth of businesses from industries such as e-commerce and health care. Among many others, we were able to help them improve operational efficiency and business productivity. 

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