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The Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) forecasts that the local contact center industry will generate $1 billion in revenue this 2018. This equates to 70, 000 additional contact center jobs. Specifically, it was CCAP President Jojo Uligan that mentioned this during a press conference at the opening of the Contact Center Islands 2018 Conference in Cebu last July 25.

Uligan furthered that BPO companies are making progress in adapting to changes brought about by technology. According to global consulting and research firm Everest Group, the Philippines will take about 18 to 19 percent of the global outsourcing services in 2018 if this progress continues.

CCAP Chairman Benedict Hernandez, on the other hand, shared that the current revenue of the contact center sector coincides with the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) roadmap. To be specific, IBPAP forecasts that the call center sector’s revenue will increase by 8.3 percent from 2016 to 2022. This figure translates to $20.4 billion compound annual growth.

Same with Uligan, Hernandez attributes the positive outlook of the sector to BPO companies who strive to keep up with the evolution of work. He said that some BPO companies are now incorporating AI and Data Analytics to upgrade the skills of their employees.

This news just goes to prove that digital disruption is inevitable. There’s no other way but to find ways to keep up with the evolution of work. Simply put, BPO workers need to acquire the skills of the future to remain relevant. 

The Philippine Contact Center Industry

In the process of looking for the top outsourcing destinations, the Philippines is surely hard to miss. The country has been a prime outsourcing destination for many years. It ranked seventh in the latest A.T. Kearney Global Services Index and third in the most recent Tholons Services Globalization Index. The latest ASEAN briefing also showed that the country is the number one for voice BPO and second for non-voice BPO. Apart from the cost advantage, it is for the following reasons that multiple companies worldwide prefer the Philippines over other countries, especially for contact center solutions.

  • Cultural compatibility. Many businesses choose the Philippines because of the country’s highly-westernized cultured. Filipinos can easily establish a connection with customers because of their rich western influences.
  • A competent workforce. Annually, universities in the Philippines produce half a million employable degree-holders. The latest census also shows that the Filipinos have a literacy rate of 97.5%.
  • English fluencyCountries worldwide have long recognized the proficiency of Filipinos in speaking the English language. A majority of Filipinos also have a neutral accent, which makes them all the more fit for call center jobs.

With the awesome traits of its workforce, outsourcing to the Philippines is one of the best decisions you can do today. If you hope to know more about outsourcing here in the Philippines, feel free to contact us! We are an outsourcing solutions provider in the Philippines that specializes in helping startups and small-medium companies grow through customized business solutions. We provide contact center and back office solutions that can help your business improve operational efficiency.

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