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Anderson Group BPO, Inc. (AGBI) has recently welcomed one of the biggest names in the food industry for a commercial video shoot. Complete with the whole crew including food stylists, the Anderson office’s Hanston side was leased for a full 24 hours.

Commercial Office Spaces for Rent

For a day, the AGBI operations floor, conference rooms, and pantry were all transformed into a set, with professional lighting and equipment all over the place.

Included in the services availed by Filmex are rental of the office spaces as well as the desktop computers needed to complete their production design.

With a crew of over 50 people, the AGBI commercial spaces for rent was able to comfortably accommodate everyone, including the production team’s hired catering services. They were also able to utilize full air conditioning and electricity without additional charges!

Looking for a corporate office and operations floor location for your next shoot? Anderson Group BPO, Inc. has commercial office spaces for rent available for your team.

We also cater to long-term leasing for actual business operations. AGBI services include seat leasing, executive office leasing, conference rooms for rent, and outsourcing services with ‘round the clock I.T. administration and support.

Whether you’re in for a day or a year, we’ve got flexible terms for you!

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