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Offshoring in Asia, Why it’s Great for Your Business

Globalization is the norm and the power of the internet comes in with more complex networking programs; transferring a business to an offshore team is now not just possible but even more practical. Business owners are leveraging on offshoring in Asia for overseas tax incentives, quality performance, cheap labor, and more affordable costs of business operations.

In the Asia Pacific region, the Philippines is an attractive choice for businesses globally. Some of the biggest names in the global industry have been running offshore operations in the country for decades now.

Why is this so? What makes the Philippines the best destination for offshoring your business? Below are the reasons.

Offshoring in Asia? Choose the Philippines!

English Proficiency

Communication is important in any business. For anyone who’s looking at relocating a business function overseas, it is only imperative. To facilitate better and smooth-sailing operations, your offshore team/s need to be able to comprehend and communicate in a language that everybody understands. With it, you add value to your business without having to spend on contingent costs.

In the Philippines adopts English as a second language. Whether it is in a school or workplace setting, English is the main language of communication.

Cultural Compatibility + Government Assistance

Filipinos also have a strong affinity to the Western culture, making them very adaptable to the needs of a foreign client. From books and movies to hit songs and TV series, English is part of any Filipino’s daily life.

Along with a country that shares cultural compatibility with foreign clients, the Philippine Government has also been very supportive of its Outsourcing/Offshoring industry. Through the establishment of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), foreign business owners get to enjoy PEZA benefits that include fiscal and non-fiscal incentives. The government has also supported the development of modern commercial properties designed to provide space for outsourcing and offshoring clients.

Large Pool of Skilled Professionals

The Philippines is home to intelligent and talented people. It also produces hundreds of thousands of college graduates every year. Whether they live in the heart of the city or in the neighboring provinces, Filipinos are resilient and dedicated students. With many believing that education is the best ‘pamana’ (Filipino for inheritance) to give to their children; Filipinos are taught to learn quickly to be ready to take on the demands of their future jobs.

Highly Cost-Efficient

With a modern professional environment, a wide pool of English proficient talents, and strong support from the local government, one might think offshoring in the Philippines can be quite costly. However, the outsourcing and offshoring industry in the country has been very successful for decades now; making it affordable to any businessperson. A lot of top BPO companies even offer flexible solutions for businesses interested to try offshoring in the Philippines.

In addition, the cost of living in the Philippines is significantly lower compared to other countries. It is reported that the cost of renting commercial spaces in the Philippines is the lowest in the Asia Pacific.

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