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Chat – Customer Service

Digital service with a human touch

What Is Customer Service?

Customer service pertains to the support that a business provides to its potential and existing customers. It primarily involves answering questions, handling requests, and addressing complaints. It is available to customers both before and after they avail a company’s products or services. An excellent customer service is crucial if you want to grow your business and build a strong and loyal customer base. 

With the advancements in technology, customer service has become possible through other avenues besides phone and face-to-face. This includes mobile SMS, emailsocial media, and live chat. 

Online Chat Support

Live chat is an instant messaging application that is built into an organization’s website. It is usually located at the lower right corner of a website and appears as a dialogue box. In this customer service channel, the interaction between a customer and an online chat representative happens in real-time, hence the term “live”. As a result, an online chat representative is able to provide immediate attention to the needs of customers and resolve issues at a much faster pace. 

Customer service via live chat is also known as online chat support. In essence, it gives a business the opportunity to leave a good impression among new customers and boost customer satisfaction of existing customers. It also helps secure all possibilities for a sale.

When you think about it, it is rare for a customer to visit and browse a website without a reason. It is more likely that they are already interested in purchasing the company’s products or services and just need additional information. A company can make sure that no sales opportunity is overlooked with an online chat support representative to accommodate website visitors at any time of the day.  

Live chat also helps reduce phone expenses. As the platform enables a company to accommodate concerns in real-time, many customers prefer it over the phone. This is especially the case when their concerns are simple.

Benefits of Outsourcing Online Chat Support

Today, customers no longer regard a website with a live chat in place as laudable. They now consider it as the standard. So, what does this imply? Well, it is that implementing live chat alone is not enough to give you a competitive edge anymore, unlike before. It now all boils down to the quality of the customer service you provide via the platform. This conclusion is not ours, by the way. It is one of the key takeaways from Contact Center Week’s 2018 Live Chat Benchmark Report. 

With the expertise essential in providing customer service via live chat, many companies choose to outsource the task to a reliable outsourcing firm instead. More than anything, it allows them to implement the best live chat practices that will yield the best results. For the other benefits of outsourcing customer service via live chat, check out the list below.

Option for 24×7 chat operations

Your customers expect that there will always be someone to respond to their needs via live chat. Otherwise, the term “live” is pointless. However, customers may not always seek your help within the typical 9:00 am to 5:00 pm business hours. They may visit your website beyond that time frame. When you let an outsourcing firm handle your live chat operations, you can make quality customer service available to your customers round-the-clock for just a fraction of a cost.

Expert online chat support operators

You can only make the most out of the benefits of live chat if a knowledgeable staff handles your online customers. With people as the product of outsourcing solutions providers, you can guarantee that they only hire candidates that possess the essential skill set for the task. Agents of outsourcing firms also undergo extensive training about your products or services to ensure that they provide helpful and accurate responses to your website visitors. 

Access to the best practices for online chat support

Outsourcing firms have a seamless and developed process when it comes to online chat support. They have the top-notch talent and technology to assist your website visitors in the best way possible. 

Improved customer service

While canned messages enable you to provide a prompt service, they don’t foster strong customer ties. When you outsource to a reliable outsourcing firm, you can personalize messages and make customers feel that you value their needs individually. Moreover, fast responses don’t guarantee customer satisfaction.

Recent research has shown that some customers are even willing to wait if it means obtaining a better service. This is not to undermine the importance of delivering prompt customer service. Rather, it is to remind that the ability to provide fast replies is meaningless if you are unable to provide the efficient support that a customer needs.


You can save a lot of money when you outsource. As the online chat support operations will happen off-site, you can free yourself from a list of overhead expenses. This includes the workstations, chairs, and computers that the live chat agents shall need. Outsourcing also allows you to take advantage of quality but affordable labor. Offshoring countries such as the Philippines have a pool of intelligent and diplomatic degree-holders that can provide real-time support to your customers well.

Ability to grow business easily

In outsourcing firms, recruitment efforts don’t stop even when there is no need for an additional staff. It is because they don’t know when a potential client will finally seal a partnership with them. So in case you want to expand your online chat support team or hire people for other business services such as lead generation and appointment setting, your outsourcing partner can help provide the talent you need easily.

Industries That Outsource Online Chat Support



IT and Software



Food and Beverage


Legal Services




When to Outsource Online Chat Support?

Listed below are the common goals that pushed several businesses to outsource. If the majority of the items are the goals you also want to achieve for your business, then it’s probably best to outsource online chat support.

  • Expand operations easily
  • Enhance customer service
  • Focus on core business function more
  • Increase website conversion rates
  • Access quality but affordable talent
  • Take advantage of the latest technology
  • Guarantee quality customer service support
  • Cover all possibilities for a sale
  • Make quality customer service available 24×7
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Start online chat support operations immediately
  • Remove the hassles of recruiting and managing staff

Please note, however, that these can only be possible if you choose the right outsourcing partner.