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Outbound Calls – Appointment Setting

It seems like everything is all set. You have a great product. Your sales team is more than ready to sell. You are eager to reap the benefits of your hard work. But despite everything, why are your product sales not picking up fast enough? Without anyone willing to listen to you, selling will not be possible in the first place.

With everyone busy living their lives, how can you make them stop and listen? One solution that companies do, especially startups and SMEs, is to break down the sales process into two. The initial part will be appointment setting and the final part will be selling.


Appointment Setting Meaning

Appointment setting refers to the process of calling leads with the goal of setting up an appointment. Breaking down this process, the appointment setter needs to turn cold leads into warm leads first. It sounds like a telemarketer’s role, right? But while a telemarketer aims to promote a company’s products or services, appointment setters aim to sell the idea of knowing more about the company’s products or services. They have to make these leads agree to a meeting with the salesperson of the company for a higher level discussion.

Appointment setting ensures that the sales team will talk to interested and qualified leads only. By qualified, this means that a lead fits the profile of the customer that the company needs. Through appointment setting, a business can maximize the productivity of its sales team and enhance the efficiency of the sales process.

Other tasks of an appointment setter may include sending cold emails, following up on leads, and rescheduling appointments. They may also have to mine leads on their own.

Appointment Setter

Based on the definition, it’s obvious that outbound appointment setting is a tough job. Appointment setters are responsible for getting a lead to spare some time, the most precious resource, after all. They need to convince leads that what they offer is something worth their time. The difficulty of this task is felt in business to business transactions most especially. Getting in touch with the right person in this scenario is a big challenge already. This is why a business needs appointment setters who don’t give up easily. But that’s just one thing. To become successful appointment setters, they also have to:

Be prepared for all possible objections

The best thing about objections is that they are pretty much the same. This means that appointment setters can prepare the next time a familiar objection pops again.

Listen intently

Again, the call is about the prospect. Appointment setters need to know as much information about the prospect. And what better way to do that than to ask questions. It lets them craft better responses that can further a meeting set.

Exhibit service, not selfishness

Appointment setters need to keep in mind that the call is about the prospect, and not about them. It’s important that they make prospects feel that they are not in the call for themselves.

Sound excited

Inflection is crucial in outbound appointment setting. Appointment setters need to exude that it is a must for prospects to hear them out because it will be a big loss on their part if they don’t.

Why Outbound Appointment Setting?

Sometimes, it’s not enough that you have great products or services. Even an awesome sales pitch is not a guarantee for making a sale. You have to set a date to close the sale.

Benefits of Outsourcing Outbound Appointment Setting

Outsourcing has been a buzzword in the business sector for many years. Many businesses outsource to reduce operational expenses. Other outsourcing benefits that seal their decision to outsource are increased operational efficiency and maximized productivity. For the benefits of outsourcing outbound appointment setting, check out the list below.

No need to go through the hassles of recruitment

Outsourcing enables the option to start work operations immediately. BPO companies have the essential equipment and talent ready, removing the burden of recruiting and managing staff on businesses altogether.

Maximize the productivity of the in-house sales team

Making the in-house sales team set up meetings can take a huge toll on productivity. Establishing appointment setting operations in-house, however, can be expensive. In outsourcing this task, a business can guarantee qualified meetings at a cost-competitive price.

Reliable information security management systems

There are inevitable times where a business will need to share information with a BPO vendor. It is why many BPO firms are working on obtaining proof that their Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) are trustworthy. One example of this is an ISO Certification.

Leverage all meeting possibilities

Outsourcing means gaining agents that can guarantee results. With BPO, a business can ensure that all meeting possibilities will be handled with expertise.


Depending on the agreement with the client, BPO companies can send performance reports of outsourced agents. This lets businesses evaluate the return on their investment easily.  

Reduced operational costs

As mentioned, many businesses embrace outsourcing for its cost benefit. The total outsourcing payment already includes the necessary equipment that outsourced appointment setters shall need.

Industries That Outsource Customer Service

Seeing the value that outsourcing offers, many businesses are outsourcing outbound appointment setting to BPO firms. Commonly, these businesses belong to the following industries:



Financial Services



IT and Software





When to Outsource Outb0und Appointment Setting 

Still undecided whether outsourcing is the best way to go? That’s okay. It’s a big step after all. But to help you decide, these are the common goals that businesses are able to achieve through outsourcing:

  • Maximize the productivity of the in-house sales team
  • Obtain resources for business expansion plans
  • Improve the efficiency of the sales process
  • Enable operations immediately
  • Guarantee qualified meetings
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Streamline the sales process
  • Obtain sales results faster
  • Guarantee skilled talent
  • Save time in hiring staff

Please note that a business can only achieve all of this if it partners with the right BPO Company. Once you decide to offshore, it is important that you research on outsourcing first. Look at the pros and cons of outsourcing. Find out the best outsourcing countries. While the information can be overwhelming, its benefit can take you a long way.