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Inbound Calls – Inbound sales

Today’s buyers are empowered with vast amounts of information to make the right purchase decision. Usually, they come to you equipped with the information about who you are and what you offer. They don’t connect with you to obtain basic information about your products or services anymore. Instead, they connect with you to obtain value-adding information and guidance.

How will you know what information is valuable to them and what particular matter they need guidance on, you ask? Well, this is where the inbound sales approach comes in.


What Is Inbound Sales?

Inbound sales is a customer-centric approach towards making a sale. It is a series of steps that will help you know a customer more. This includes his or her goals, needs, pain points, and frustrations. As a result, you will know the information to prioritize and emphasize in your sales pitch.

Adding more context to the statement above, let’s say that your business provides digital marketing services. A client calls to inquire about social media management. Oftentimes, what legacy salespeople do is to start blabbering about said service.


However, as mentioned, today’s buyers already know the basic information about your products or services. What they need now is information about your products or services catered around their needs. And what better way to provide that than to ask questions. Who’s your target market? What social media platforms do you use currently? The more questions, the more the customer will trust what you offer.

In a general sense, trust develops as you get to know someone more. The same thing applies in the context of inbound sales. As you take time in getting to know a customer, the more the customer will think that what you offer is great. That’s because it’s customized around their needs. As an outcome, the possibility of a sale increases.

Outsourcing Inbound Calls for Inbound Sales

When a business gets a lot of inbound calls, it means that its marketing efforts are effective. Are you receiving an influx of this type of calls lately? Do you aim to make the most out of every inquiry? This is where outsourcing can help. At a fraction of a cost, you can have 24/7 call center operations to cover all possibilities for a sale. On a side note, Anderson Group BPO provides call center service for inbound sales that can help enhance business reputation and improve bottom lines.

Benefits of Outsourcing Inbound Sales

For the other benefits of outsourcing inbound sales, check out the list below:

Improve close rates

A BPO firm is best in managing non-core business functions such as inbound sales. It has a mature process alongside competent agents to streamline and improve the efficiency of the sales process. As a result, a business can enjoy a boost in bottom lines.

Lower down operational costs

Computers, headsets, and workspace. These are just some of the overhead expenses that setting up call center operations in-house will bring about. Besides the salary of outsourced agents, the total outsourcing payment also covers the essential equipment that they shall need.

The payment, of course, varies in every outsourcing country. Although not the cheapest in terms of living costs, the Philippines remains a favorite outsourcing country. In fact, it is number one in voice-related BPO services including inbound sales. More than anything, this is because of its competent workforce.

Leverage all possibilities for a sale

During a business expansion or a promotional campaign, the phone can be ringing off the hook for inquiries. Although this is a good thing, it can be overwhelming for the receiving end nonetheless. Outsourcing can help a business manage the sudden influx of calls competently. A BPO firm has sufficient resources to support a business round-the-clock.

Focus on core business function

Time is the most valuable resource. The process of setting up call center operations in-house, however, can be time-consuming and expensive. As a resort, many businesses opt for contact center services offshore. At a fraction of a cost, a business can maximize time in finding the right talent and save money on obtaining essential equipment.

Enhance business reputation

Call center agents undergo extensive product training to give an educational experience among inbound leads. They aim to appear not only as extensions but also as ambassadors of a brand.

Option to start operations immediately

Manpower pooling is a common practice among BPO firms. Even without an urgent need, BPO firms continue to interview candidates to have a ready reference once a client decides to partner with them.

Industries That Outsource Inbound Sales

Many view outsourcing tasks as a way to reduce costs. But outsourcing can be more than a way to lower down operational expenses. Depending on the task, it could also boost business revenue. For example, outsourcing inbound sales can make sure that a business handles every sales opportunity with excellence. However, please note that this can only happen if a business chooses the right outsourcing partner.

For the most common businesses to outsource inbound sales, see the list below:



Financial Services






Legal Services

Legal Services

When to Outsource Inbound Sales

Just like any investment, there are risks when you outsource. One of these risks is the loss of visibility and control. Among many other ways to mitigate this risk, the best way is to choose the right BPO vendor. And what better way to make sure that you partner with the right company than to research about outsourcing first. Sparing an ample amount of time to learn the top outsourcing locations and their vendors can go a long way. But how do you know when it’s time to delegate the task offshore? Well, most businesses choose to outsource the task to:

  • Start inbound call center operations immediately
  • Improve efficiency of the inbound sales process
  • Focus on other income-generating activities
  • Expand business in a cost-efficient way
  • Manage influx of calls competently
  • Leverage all possibilities for a sale
  • Streamline the sales process
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Obtain talent immediately
  • Enhance brand reputation
  • Improve business revenue
  • Increase close rates
  • Gain expert agents

If you want the same things for your business, then maybe it’s time to consider outsourcing inbound sales.