What is Reservation Management?

Has it ever happened when a customer called you in the middle of the night to ask about slot reservations? As a growing business, it’s hard to avoid things like this. You never know when your customers have a sudden urge to book a slot with your company. This type of service is formally referred to as reservation management.

Inbound call center agents that perform this service make sure that the reservation requirements of a customer are well-coordinated with the client. The service may also comprise addressing questions and processing requests such as change of schedule.

Having a flawless and smooth-sailing reservation management saves both you and your customers time, energy, and money.

Accommodating More Customers Through Better Reservation Management

When you attend to your customers’ needs you are able to create a more positive experience for them. Nobody likes to be put on hold for long hours or having problems with their reservation all because of a misunderstanding. With us, you get to create a consistent reliable service gaining yourself a pile of positive reviews!

Hire experienced and hospitable agents

Partnering with us gives your company the advantage of having a group of knowledgeable agents by your side. Our representatives are trained to handle a high volume of inbound calls and are accustomed with flexibility to land a sale. Have qualified agents represent your business to overall improve customer experience.

Monitor Agent Activity

Maintaining a consistent customer service requires a dynamic and quite complex operation. You can trust our team leaders to monitor the call center representatives and maintain outstanding performance through a standardized KPIs. Having an organized process inside your reservation department will reduce loss of calls and low conversations.

Aim for Positive Feedback

If you are losing too many calls and putting a great number of customers on hold, you will gain publicity, but not the good kind. Hiring your own customer support team for reservation management allows you to connect with your customers more and gives you an opportunity to improve your business.

Grow Brand Loyalty

Our customer service specialists use a positive and personal approach when it comes to interacting with clients. When it comes to customer loyalty, making your customers feel comfortable and engaged is the way to go. Providing an impressive experience makes your customers feel valued making them more loyal and trusting to your brand.

Benefits of Outsourcing Reservation Management

To build trust and loyalty with your customers, you should be able to give them a seamless service. Outsourcing inbound calls for better management of your reservation system and booking services is a great way to do this.

To ensure that all possibilities for a sale are covered.

Every customer is unique. Not all of them can call during your operating hours. If your organization is a hotel, some of your guests can be in a different timezone. Outsourcing gives you the option to have 24/7 reservation operations, enabling your customers to reach you at their most convenient time.

To guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customers that call regarding a reservation are usually in a rush to get a response. They are eager to get an assurance about the availability of the specific requirements they have for a reservation. Employees assigned to the job need to handle them with a sense of urgency and priority. Organizations that need expertise in handling reservations resort to outsourcing. Offshore providers have a developed process that guarantees to attain customer satisfaction at the end of every call.

To reduce operational expenses.

The payment package for a BPO service already covers the computer, workstation, and other utilities that the agent shall need. Businesses are able to save money that they may use to further improve other business areas.

To increase the efficiency of customer support operations.

Aside from your inbound customers, you also have your walk-in customers that need the same assurance and fast service. If you are going to make your front desk associate or receptionist handle both, a delay in service is unavoidable. Both your inbound and walk-in customers can enjoy immediate attention through outsourcing.

Industries That Outsource Reservation Management

Still undecided on whether to entrust the reservation management in your company? Businesses like yours are outsourcing because of its many benefits. They get to accommodate more customers and their company get to provide better service altogether.

Below are just some of the few that outsource their reservation management to call centers.

  • HospitalityHotels, Motels, Inns, Resorts, Serviced Apartments, Flotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfasts, Homestays, Campgrounds, Lodges
  • Food & Beverage – Restaurants, Bars, Fast food chains, Caterings, Cafes, Lounges,  Banquet Service, Nightclubs, Pubs, Tea Shops, Wine Shops
  • Travel & Tourism – Cruises, Ships, Planes, Trains, Travel Agencies, Tours, Buses, Taxicabs, Transportation Rentals, Study Trips
  • Entertainment – Movie Houses, Theaters, Concerts, Studio Tours, Seasonal Events, Gaming Events
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, Doctor’s Appointment, Fitness Clubs, Health Seminars, Consultations
  • Recreation – Ski Resorts, Spa, Salon Appointments, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Museums, Event Halls, Gyms, Parks, Fitness Clubs

When to Outsource Reservation Management

How do you know when it’s time to delegate your reservation management to a reliable team? If you are experiencing majority of the following, then it is probably best to start outsourcing this daunting task that’s keeping you from maintaining your company’s good reputation.

  • If you are experiencing high call volumes
  • When you are abandoning too many calls
  • If your customers are complaining about the long time they have to wait on the phone
  • When you want to improve overall customer experience
  • When you want to build a strong foundation of trust between you and your customers
  • If your business is trying to reduce operational costs
  • When your business is expanding

Our reservation services are flexible and can organize bookings depending on your business requirements. Relieve yourself from the task of answering all your customers’ calls and leave them to us. Enjoy a healthy 8-hour sleep knowing your customers are well taken care of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Outsourcing in the Philippines

Who are the major powerhouses of BPO?

India – US $ 154 Billion in revenue (2017)

China – US $ 130.9 Billion (2015)

Philippines – US $ 22.9 Billion in revenue (2016)

Why Philippines?

English is our adopted language

Produce 450,000 college graduates annually

Has low Philippine currency exchange rates

Offers the cheapest office spaces in Asia

Our government supports BPOs with PEZA Tax benefits


No.1 Trending Country as the Top Voice Outsourcing Destination (according to international research)

2nd in non-voice complex services

Top 3 IT-BPO global locations, after India and China

In the Top 10 worldwide outsourcing destinations

The Anderson Advantage

The business landscape is evolving rapidly and as a business, it takes more than passion and will to stay ahead of the competition. You will need strong tactics with all the support you can get in the most cost-effective way. Expanding your business with us gives you access to a suite of comprehensive solutions and world-class services allowing you to rival with companies alike and even compete with the big businesses. We aim to empower your business and provide coherent support for you to be able to reach your goals.

Global expertise, Global Standards

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified which guarantees you that all your company’s data is secured.

Diverse Expertise

Get access to a vast pool of talents giving your brand experts on specific fields when you need it.

An Extension of Your Brand

When you succeed, we also succeed. We aim to help you build a strong and robust extension of your business.

Client-ready Flexibility

There is no one size fits all solution for all businesses. We make sure that we deliver a customized concoction that is compatible to your brand.

How do I start outsourcing?

Outsourcing is more than just a way to reduce costs. Its benefits can be astonishing if you outsource to the right BPO company. To guarantee the best value out of your outsourcing venture, follow the steps below.

    1. Identify the challenge that you want to address through outsourcing.
    2. Research on outsourcing. Find out the top outsourcing locations in the world and their outsourcing vendors. List the BPO vendors that you deem promising to help you.
    3. Choose one vendor from your list. Look for its contact information and reach out.
    4. Explain the challenges you have identified initially. During the exchange, the vendor will ask more about your processes to know which service is the best to help you.

The outcome of the fourth step will determine what will happen next. If the discussion went well, then the next step can be a deeper discussion about your partnership. Otherwise, go back to step number three.

If you want to know more about this opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are more than happy to help you!

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