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At the end of the day, it all boils down to your belief in yourself.

Yesterday afternoon, a celebration of business passions took place on the fifth floor of V Corporate Center along Leviste Street in Makati City. Ten entrepreneurs shed light on how their startup ideas came into life for the second batch of the Information Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) Takeoff.  

Chosen entrepreneurs only have five to ten minutes to make attending IBPAP members see the value of what their startup can offer. Some of the brainchildren of the startup companies in the event were:

  • Palengkero – A platform where shoppers can buy products of the wet market online
  • ParentPortal – An application designed to help parents get real-time updates about their sons/daughters in school through RFID technology
  • TalkPush – A recruitment CRM that utilizes chatbots to pre-screen employment candidates.

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Pursuing your startup ideas

Listening to entrepreneurs pouring their hearts out yesterday, it’s amazing how everything seems possible nowadays. We are empowered more than ever to generate different kinds of startup ideas because of technology. But in the cluster of ideas and possibilities, when can one person say that it’s the right idea to pursue? How did these entrepreneurs come to the point of no turning back in putting their startup ideas for the world to see?

Despite the differences in the startup ideas they presented, there are two common denominators among the founders that may answer this question:

  1. They believe in their idea. While nothing is certain in this world, we can see based on previous experiences and current scenarios whether a startup idea can actually be successful from a certain point on. Somehow, we can estimate the level of risk that one investment and another can incur. But regardless of the risks, these startup owners continue to pursue their ideas because they believe in it in as much as they believe in themselves. After all, any venture comes with a risk, and that is a risk they are willing to take.
  2. They have people who believe in what they believe in. Although there’s only one presenter for every startup idea yesterday, the CEO/founder presenting is not alone in the battle in leaving an impression among attendees. They all have a team present in both body and spirit cheering not only for them but also for the startup ideas they are fighting for. This keeps their startup ideas alive and kicking.

Attending this event, a realization of how important it is to believe in your startup idea is the key takeaway. By communicating why you believe in your products, you draw people in believing into it too. As the ever-awesome Simon Sinek said “people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”, and it all starts with you knowing and believing in the reason behind your startup ideas.

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