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You already have your core resources. The business is all planned out and you know your industry and services. You have determined the right types of people for your team. Your new company is ready. So why not get the ball rolling?

Utilize the assets that you have now and maximize productivity right away.

Today is the best day for you to start your business.

Sure, starting a business involves its own challenges but you should not let these deter you from venturing out and giving your ideas a shot. This attitude, after all, led to the immediate boom of the startup industry.

In the last couple of years, the international business sector saw incredible growth among start-up companies in all kinds, sizes, and specializations. Some start-ups – or ‘unicorns’—would only have a team fewer than 10 people. But doesn’t establishing a business require a lot of resources and manpower?

How can a small team be fully operational, with some handling clients on a global scale?

This is all thanks to the advancement of technology and the wonderful flexible business solutions available in this modern age.

In the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry wherein some business functions are outsourced to another country, the concept of “seat leasing” is starting to become popular. Seat leasing is a service offered by outsourcing firms that enable start-up companies to rent out a competitive “working space” for their staff so business owners no longer need to worry about expensive rental rates, utilities, equipment, and all the other requirement of operating a business.

Usually, a BPO firm’s seat leasing offering includes spacious workspaces for your staff, a reliable and resilient internet connection, and quality equipment that includes brand new computers with the latest hardware and software already installed. Important business operations requirements like IT support, project managers, attendance tracking, and security accreditation along with miscellaneous needs like an unlimited supply of coffee and water, sleeping quarters, and access to conference rooms and the company’s social activities are included as well.

Another great thing about seat leasing is that you remain in control of your team while spending less. You can track their progress in real time, you can get daily reports about their accomplished tasks, and you can communicate with your staff at the time and channels most preferable to you. And of course, you are always more than welcome to visit your team personally.

Additionally, the flexibility of seat leasing opportunities is just too good to pass up on. Outsourcing firms like the Anderson Group BPO, Inc. offer seat leasing terms that can surely accommodate your business. You can opt for a single seat if all you need is one additional staff to help out on your business, or you can go full force by renting out over a hundred seats for your new company. You also get to decide how long you want your lease to be. No minimum duration required; no 1-year contract obligation.

To know more about seat leasing and our other business solutions offerings, contact us today.