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As we go deeper into the age of the Internet, more flexible solutions for business are provided by top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. Serviced offices are one of these and it can prove to be beneficial for many businesses.

Similar to a traditional office, a service office is a rented workspace. However, a serviced office includes a lot of additional perks for your business.

All-in Office Package

A serviced office is often available for a set fee every month. This fee already includes professional office spaces in prime business locations, furnished workstations, office equipment and decorations, pantry, meeting rooms, boardroom facilities, and sometimes, even the telephony infrastructure and internet connection. In addition, other miscellaneous expenses such as daily maintenance and supplies are also part of the deal. With an all-in-one package, business owners are given full convenience by their serviced office.

Inclusive Office Furniture

When starting a business, one of the initial costs is purchasing office equipment for daily operations. This includes workstations in the production area, furniture for closed offices and communal areas, as well as presentation setups required for conference rooms. Consequently, renting a traditional office space means having to purchase all these equipment, resulting in additional expenses. With a serviced office, however, these could all be compounded into a single, all-inclusive, monthly or annual package.

Telephone System and Internet Connectivity

It is important for every business to open all communication lines and be connected to the internet at all times. For example, a bare workspace rental adds extra spending for the procurement and installation of telephones and internet connection. In addition to its overhead expenses, dealing with these technologies require time and expertise—two limited resources that are crucial for any business owner. In a serviced office, you don’t have to worry about these things anymore. Simply choose the office that suits your business best and your trusted outsourcing partner can handle the rest.

Benefits of Serviced Office for Small Business

Starting a business is surely challenging. With a serviced office, you can immediately tick off a lot of things off your list. The convenience and savings provided by serviced offices allow you to focus your time, energy, and resources on your product and business. Furthermore, a serviced office is also a cost-efficient approach for small business owners to take thanks to its flexibility. They can cater to the smallest teams wanting a professional working environment and, over time — once the business grows and expands — opt for a bigger rented serviced office. It provides the same benefits to a bigger space.

Benefits of Serviced Office for Medium Business

Already growing but still hesitating to risk acquiring a big office space? The best BPO companies offer a wide variation of serviced office spaces that will perfectly suit a medium-sized company. A much bigger space is a physical testament of how your business has grown over time. Consequently, your employees will feel motivated to work even better, as they see that the company is indeed making progress and their jobs are secure. For medium-sized business owners looking to expand, relocate, or operate offshore, you can never go wrong with serviced office spaces.

Benefits of Serviced Office for Large Business

Running a big company can get expensive. This is why most business owners are now looking for affordable business solutions allowing them to maintain quality but cut cost. With serviced offices, you can simply just choose your preferred workspace and let the best BPO companies handle the rest.

This is especially ideal for large business owners with call center operations, handling hundreds of agents working on a daily basis. With the office furniture, telephony, and internet infrastructures already included in the monthly package, owners are able to focus on revenue making activities, bringing in more wins for the business.

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