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We Know BPO Services

Offering a wide range of Comprehensive Solutions for your Business.

We Know Your Customers

Provide a world-class customer experience that sets a name for your brand. Provide fast and accessible solutions for your brand. Be a few taps away and ensure brand loyalty using various online and offline platforms.

We Know Business

We believe that a successful strategy lies in research and efficiency. Our team is headed by tenured managers with combined experience in data management and operations to give your business an organized flow of delivery. Expect consistency, accuracy, and clarity when it comes to your outsourced tasks.

We Know IT Solutions

We believe that time is money and no business can afford to be without connectivity. Significantly reduce downtime and keep your operations running 24/7 even through natural calamities with our strategic business continuity plan.

We Know Staff Leasing

No need to sit through lengthy interviews or get piled on by endless paperwork. We’ve got you covered. From the hiring process, we will keep you in the loop to get the best person for the job, to the HR and payroll duties. We will send comprehensive reports and file your tax deadlines just on time.

Have More Control Over Your Staff

Unlike other BPO services provider, we want to make sure that you retain control over your staff. When you partner with us, you don’t have to go through the lengthy process of recruitment and the daunting paperwork that comes after. Our job is to make your life less stressful by delivering consistency and providing transparency throughout the process.


You provide us with your Job Description


We source, then shortlist the best candidates


You interview your favorite candidates over Skype or other video conference platforms


We onboard employees and provide initial training


Now housed in our modern offices, the staff reports directly to you

We are Anderson Group

We know. We deliver a suite of comprehensive and world-class BPO services focused on developing customized and exceptional business solutions for our clients and our partners.

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