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We Know HR Management

Get full control of your outsourced teams.

No time to keep track of your payroll and miscellaneous administrative duties? Manage your outsourced teams remotely and effortlessly with our HR Management services. Get full visibility of their daily operations through regular performance reporting, transparent SLA processes, employee engagement initiatives, collaboration with Team Leaders and Operations Manager, and flexible Deming Cycle management styles.

Take care of your team with our HR Services

  • New Employee Onboarding Pre-employment Requirements & Job Orientation
  • Compliance to Philippine Government-mandated Compensation and Statutory Benefits/Deductions 
  • Timekeeping and Payroll (software is based on client preference)
  • Regular Employee Engagement Initiatives, Training, and Surveys
  • Performance Management Escalations and Incident Reporting Processes
  • Labor Relations


ISO 27001:2013 Certification
DPA Certified
PCI-DSS Certification

Manage your outsourced teams with AGBI.

The Importance of Positive Scripting for Inbound Calls

The Importance of Positive Scripting for Inbound Calls

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Staff leasing: It’s easy, it’s quality, it’s affordable

Staff leasing: It’s easy, it’s quality, it’s affordable

There’s a popular saying in project management: “It’s either you want easy, quality, or affordable -- pick two.” But what if you can have the best of all three? Our staff leasing services allow you to:   Hire easy. Our staff leasing process only takes a few simple...

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Case Studies

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing Client

The Challenge

This particular client is having issues with current provider due to poor service management. The lack of procedure, substandard service delivery, and unorganized people management are already affecting their operations. These lead them to look for a better outsourcing partner which they found in AGBI.

The Solution

We have provided a team of recruitment staff to assist the RPO client in providing quality candidates to end clients through series of background checks and interviews. Apart from this, employee training was also included to make sure the employees were not only compliant with the quality standards but were also exceeding the client expectations.

The Results

Good performance resulted in faster sourcing of candidates. They also gained a wider access to talents who are more fitting for the roles required by the end clients. The RPO client also experienced a positive change in their attrition rate because of the employee engagement initiatives we have provided. Seeing the outstanding performance in deliverables, the client has decided to expand the team.


Attendance rating (surpassing the 95% target)


Attendance rate increased compared to previous provider

Daily candidate submissions per agent

No. of end clients handled by Anderson Group