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Personalized customer service across different channels.


Aside from the incredible marketing opportunity that social media offers, social media platforms have also grown to become channels for customer service. People now resort to the social media accounts of a business to address complaints and ask questions. This led to the birth of the business function called social media management.


What Is Social Media Management?

In a nutshell, social media management denotes responding to the concerns of potential and existing customers on the social media accounts of a business. These concerns usually come in the form of a comment in a post or a direct message. Typically, a business uses Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram as its social media platforms.


The definition above is the common denominator in the cluster of definitions of social media management available on the web. Some reference sites add scheduling posts and studying the analytics of a page as part of social media management. There are also others who include social listening, which pertains to the gathering of sentiments of people about a specific brand.

With more and more people relying on social media for customer service, social media management is important now more than ever. The task enables you to take advantage of opportunities to form deep customer relationships and convert an inquiry into a sale. It also helps in your marketing as the online world gets a glimpse of what your brand is like with the way you respond to queries and comments. This is why some marketing experts argue that social media management actually falls under social media marketing.

Availing Social Media Management Services Offshore

There is no denying that social media management requires time, effort, and expertise. Social media managers need to craft prompt replies that are accurate and in line with a brand’s personality. They must also keep a watchful eye for notifications. As a result, several businesses choose to offshore social media management instead.

By offshoring, a business is able to obtain a skilled social media manager at an affordable price. It is even able to incur additional savings as it doesn’t need to worry about the operational expenses that hiring an in-house social media manager could entail. This includes the workstation, chair, computer, and other utilities.

By the way, we are an outsourcing solutions provider based in the Philippines. Although we are open to working with businesses of any shape and size, we specialize in providing support among small to medium businesses and startups. We contribute to their growth by delivering back office and contact center solutions tailored to their needs. One of which is social media management. 

Below are some of our social media management services:

Benefits of Outsourcing Social Media Management

Outsource social media management services to the right outsourcing solutions partner and take advantage of the following perks!

Expert support

The people are the product of outsourcing solutions providers. BPO companies find qualified candidates and empower them with the training and tools to deliver the best version of their business solutions. When you choose the right outsourcing partner, you can guarantee a customer-centric professional with excellent written communication skills and knowledge of various social media platforms to support your business efficiently.

Save time

Besides cost, another primary benefit of outsourcing is the time you are able to save from not managing and recruiting an additional staff. You don’t need to worry about screening candidates and conducting interviews anymore. All you need to do is to ensure that you partner with the right outsourcing company. 

Access to best practices

Outsourcing solutions providers are experts in non-core business functions. In fact, managing non-core functions such as social media management is their core business function. As a result, you get to access the best practices for social media management and learn a lot from them. 

Affordable, but quality labor

Cost is the primary reason why most businesses choose to outsource. When you offshore to the right company, you can obtain a skilled and experienced social media manager at a much lesser price compared to hiring in-house or outsourcing onshore or nearshore. As mentioned, you are even able to double your savings as you don’t need to worry about the operating costs that hiring an in-house staff entails. 

Scale up easily

Even when there is no need, BPO Companies continuously source and interview potential candidates. They do this so that they have a ready reference of candidates once a client decides to pursue a partnership with them. In effect, you are able to obtain the talent you need in case you need an additional employee for social media management or even other tasks

Option for 24/7 support

A customer can reach out to your social media page or profile even after your business hours. When you outsource social media management, you can provide after hours and even round-the-clock support to your online customers.

Industries That Outsource Social Media Management
















Legal Services


Food and Beverage


Travel and Tourism




Beauty and Cosmetics


Apparel and Accessories


Entertainment and Recreation

When to Outsource Social Media Management

Going through this page, you are probably wondering if it’s time to avail social media management services offshore. Well, if a majority of the things listed below is something you want to implement and experience, then it’s probably time to offshore the task.

  • Lower down operating costs 
  • Manage the influx of messages
  • Provide round-the-clock support
  • Take advantage of quality but affordable labor
  • Have time to focus on other areas of the business
  • Experience the best practices in managing social media
  • Remove the hassles of managing and recruiting an additional staff

Please note, however, that you can only take advantage of all these perks if you pick the right outsourcing solutions partner. Spare time in researching on outsourcing and the top offshoring countries first. Bottom line is, don’t leave the success of your outsourcing venture to chance. Lock hands with the right provider and experience improvements in your business beyond you could imagine.

Outsourcing in the Philippines

Who are the major powerhouses of BPO?

  • India – US $ 154 Billion in revenue (2017)
  • China – US $ 130.9 Billion (2015)
  • Philippines – US $ 22.9 Billion in revenue (2016)

Why the Philippines?

  • English is our adopted language
  • Produce 450,000 college graduates annually
  • Has low Philippine currency exchange rates
  • Offers the cheapest office spaces in Asia
  • Our government supports BPOs with PEZA Tax benefits


  • No.1 Trending Country as the Top Voice Outsourcing Destination (according to international research)
  • 2nd in non-voice complex services
  • Top 3 IT-BPO global locations, after India and China
  • In the Top 10 worldwide outsourcing destinations
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How do I start outsourcing?

Outsourcing is more than just a way to reduce costs. Its benefits can be astonishing if you outsource to the right BPO company. To guarantee the best value out of your outsourcing venture, follow the steps below.

  1. Identify the challenge that you want to address through outsourcing.
  2. Research on outsourcing. Find out the top outsourcing locations in the world and their outsourcing vendors. List the BPO vendors that you deem promising to help you.
  3. Choose one vendor from your list. Look for its contact information and reach out.
  4. Explain the challenges you have identified initially. During the exchange, the vendor will ask more about your processes to know which service is the best to help you.

The outcome of the fourth step will determine what will happen next. If the discussion went well, then the next step can be a deeper discussion about your partnership. Otherwise, go back to step number three.