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BPO Companies in the Philippines – Industry News

Last August 30, the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) chairman Benedict C. Hernandez held a press conference addressing the automation disruption for the BPO companies in the Philippines.

“Today as we speak, thousands of jobs are being transformed through automation,” said Hernandez.

The country estimates an addition of at least 73,000 jobs yearly from the BPO sector until it reaches its critical point at 2020. This is just less than three years from now. By 2020, the industry expects to employ 1.2 million Filipinos. However, following this high number is the decline of the work opportunity as the demand shifts toward more complex jobs, thanks to automation.

In the press conference, Hernandez explains, “Parts of what people used to do manually are now being done by machines and when you do that, the jobs become different.”

He categorizes the three types of tasks that the sector does for businesses:  simple, mid-complex and highly complex jobs. Half of the contact center jobs accounted for simple tasks in 2016, but come 2022, this will shrink to a quarter due to work automation. By that time, mid- to complex job tasks will make up 75% of the work opportunities.

“For us, fortunately, the global market will continue to grow.” (Hernandez, 2017)

BPO Industry Trends

Today, industry clients are shifting from the United States to Europe and the Asia Pacific. Eighty percent of the country’s employment in the sector is under contact center services, a branch under the information technology-business process management (IT-BPM) industry. It’s the fastest growing and largest source of dollars in the country today. These are companies providing IT, healthcare and creative (including animation and gaming) services.

“And the usual question we get… is what happens to our industry. Are you gonna be actually disrupted? In what ways are you gonna be disrupted today?” Hernandez argues that the disruption could help push the sector forward by adding more value to their work.

With the money streaming in before the cut-off date, the CCAP is confident that the industry could make technology work for them. CCAP President Jojo J. Ulingan said the sector would continue to work closely with the government and the academe to facilitate “upskilling and new learning for the talent pool in order for them to adapt to these new technologies.”

So, how are contact centers adapting? Contact Centers are utilizing mobile tools to stay on top of the game.

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