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Inbound Calls – Technical Support

Usually, the relationship between a customer and a business that belongs to technology and electronics industries goes beyond after a purchase. Primarily, this is because technology, electronic, and mechanical products bring about issues that only the business could resolve most of the time. The assistance that customers seek from these types of businesses is referred to as technical support. 


What Is Technical Support?

Technical support is the assistance that a company gives to customers that experience technical issues with a product. Commonly, the product is technological, mechanical, or electronic. Some examples are laptops, cell phones, televisions, and cameras. 

Technical support is much like customer service. It also serves to improve customer satisfaction through resolving issues. Technical support, however, involves troubleshooting in addressing a problem, whereas customer service mainly involves answering questions only. 

A company could divide technical support into levels or tiers. It could go as far as establishing a tier 4 technical support operations. The higher the tier, the more complicated the technical issue is and the more knowledgeable the technical support employee is. 

Outsourcing Inbound Calls for Technical Support

A technical support employee may help customers through email, chat, and phone. Among these channels, research shows that a majority of customers still prefer calling when issues are tough to explain. They think that calling remains to be the best way to address complaints and receive accurate information.

With the complexity of issues that technology products bring about, implementing call center operations for technical assistance should be a priority. Come to think of it, technical support could pass as something as important as your product. This is because your product could be as good as nothing to your customers until you resolve the issue they have with it. 

Technical support also allows a business to gain valuable consumer insights that may help in improving its product offerings. For example, a customer complains about the difficulty of finding the power button of a television. The design team could then work on improving the visibility of the button in the next product. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support

Certainly, technical assistance is a must for businesses from technology industries. However, obtaining the right talent and equipment for in-house tech support operations could deplete resources. This is where outsourcing can help. At an affordable price, outsourcing enables a business to provide efficient support. To elaborate, here are the main benefits of outsourcing technical support:

Enhanced Response Times

Poor technical assistance alongside long call queue times entails detrimental effects to a business. Outsourcing eradicates this problem. Tech support agents follow strict metrics and guidelines to guarantee quality performance. They undergo training to provide accurate responses in a timely manner. 

Access to Competent Tech Support Agents

In essence, a business gets the opportunity to build better relationships with customers through technical support. After all, technical support helps customers derive the full benefit of a product. Poor technical assistance, however, could make a business lose this opportunity. In outsourcing, a business can guarantee tech support professionals that can solve technical issues efficiently.

Respond to Change in Demand Easily

When a promotional campaign becomes successful or when a business is expanding, the volume of calls may spike all of a sudden. By outsourcing technical support, a business can have a ready talent to accommodate the sudden influx of calls. It also has the liberty to set the duration of the outsourcing venture.

Concentrate on Core Business

Besides a decrease in cost, the ability to focus on core business functions is one of the primary benefits of outsourcing. By letting experts handle non-core business functions, a business can focus on its core business function. It can divert its efforts and attention to fulfill its vision. All of this to happen, of course, with the right BPO partner.

24/7 Technical Support

A technical problem may occur after the typical 9:00 am to 5:00 pm business hours. Outsourcing gives a business the option to make technical assistance available round-the-clock. This allows customers to be at ease as they know that there is help available at any time of the day. This serves as a good start towards increasing customer satisfaction rate. 

Reduced Operational Expenses

As mentioned, building tech support operations in-house could be both costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing removes the burden of hiring staff and office overheads. A BPO Company has ready tech support agents that can give easy-to-digest instructions to customers. Additionally, the total outsourcing payment includes the headsets, computers, and other tools that the agents shall need.

Industries That Outsource Technical Support

With the benefits of outsourcing technical support, many businesses are delegating the task to the top outsourcing countries. This includes China, India, and the Philippines.

Among all the outsourcing countries, the Philippines is the top pick for contact center services including technical support. The work ethics, neutral accent, English proficiency and rich western influences of the Filipinos are the primary reasons why this is the case

Businesses from the following industries are the most common to outsource technical support:

IT and Software



When to Outsource Technical Support

So how do you know when it’s time to delegate technical support? Of course, a business chooses to outsource for varying reasons. But usually, a business ventures into offshoring technical support in order to: 

  • Enhance the efficiency of technical support operations
  • Expand business operations in a cost-efficient way
  • Improve customer retention and customer loyalty
  • Manage sudden spikes of call volumes efficiently
  • Concentrate on other income-generating tasks
  • Gain expert technical support agents
  • Maximize time, money, and effort
  • Provide technical assistance 24/7
  • Improve email response time
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Reduce operational costs

Are you thinking about outsourcing now? If you are, please be cautious in choosing the BPO Company you will partner with. Before making any move, do your own research on outsourcing first. Learn more about its disadvantages and advantages. Find out the top outsourcing countries in the world. There are a vast amount of resources online to help you.

While there is a lot of information to go through, it can help ensure that you get the best value out of your outsourcing investment. Trust us. Informed decisions are the best decisions after all.