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Convert warm leads using your customer data


What is Telesales?

When you have a fresh whole set of customer data, you want to persuade them and be able to convert them to sales. That is basically what our telesales service does. Our strategic team aims to generate as much revenue as possible by turning leads into buying customers. Every call, pitch, deal, etc. are monitored by the management to make sure that specific quotas are met.

 Outsourcing Telesales For Your Business Success

Despite the new emerging techniques of accumulating leads, persuading customers through phone is still one of the most effective way. In contrast with some of the modern techniques such as online banners and pop-ups, telesales has a unique way of approaching people. It creates a bridge between the business and its clients with a touch of human nature. Because the messaging is delivered to them by actual humans, the sales pitch tend to sound less intimidating and more personal. 

Here are a couple of reasons why our telesales services can help your business generate more sales.

We make sure that we have relevant and updated data

For your telesales campaign to take effect smoothly, you must first have a clean and organized data. Your client database is the starting point of your sales pitch and in order to nurture those leads, we see to it that the information we have on hand is up to date.

Scripts are for robots

Nobody wants to talk to a soulless, audio recording-like agent on the phone. Our telesales representatives are provided with plenty of time to practice and fully understand the product they are trying to sell. They are trained to improvise during calls and to maintain the authenticity of the conversation while keeping the interest of the person on the other end of the line. Our telesales specialists do not rely on scripts but on their knowledge and expertise to get to the end goal.

We take time to know your customers

When closing a sale, you must be mindful of who you are talking to. Our telesales experts build long-term relationships that makes your customers feel valued. This technique helps is build trust with the clients bringing not only sales to your business, but loyal ones.

We Evaluate

To create room for improvement, we evaluate the effectiveness of each campaign. Doing the same format and applying the same techniques over and over again could do worse for business. Our telesales tactics are carefully conceptualized and are based on data-driven facts making the method more successful.

Forge Deeper connections

A sympathetic agent can make it easier for a company to reach out to its consumers and offer relevant services with high customer satisfaction ratings.

Benefits of Outsourcing Telesales

Telesales is one of the most common functions that businesses outsource. If it’s customer service in outsourcing inbound calls, it’s either telesales or telemarketing in outsourcing outbound calls. Businesses across the globe outsource telesales to achieve the following:

Reduce operational expenses.

In outsourcing, a business will only have to think about the total pay package of outsourcing. Business process outsourcing companies will be responsible for the talent and equipment, enabling businesses to incur cost savings. You wouldn’t have to spend

Improve sales conversion rates.

The employee for telesales needs to persuade a person to buy only through phone, a medium where the voice is the only cue about the person on the other end. The service requires an excellent conversationalist with modern sales skills. A BPO company is an expert in handling non-core functions such as telesales. Businesses can expect better sales results by letting experts handle telesales.

Have excellent sales agents immediately.

While it is possible to do telesales in-house, finding the right talent and setting up the essential equipment for telesales can be costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing with the right partners provides the talent and tools ready, enabling a business to start operations immediately.

Monitor results easily.

Depending on the agreement, outsourcing companies can send reports about the day-to-day performance of outsourced sales agents. This allows you to review their performance and see areas of improvement which gives you access to your return on investment.

Gain a competitive edge.

Improve sales conversion rates. Outsourcing gives you access to expert agents for telesales who underwent training and are managed by effective team leaders. Your business will have its own team who can guarantee results.

Focus on the core of your business.

Outsourcing enables a business to start telesales operations immediately. Being a director of a growing company leaves you with more responsibilities due to a growing client base. BPO companies have the essential tools and agents, leaving you time to focus on other crucial areas of your business. Knowing that you have a reliable team to support you takes the stress out of your responsibility as a business owner.

Industries That Outsource Telesales



Financial Services



IT and Software




When to Outsource Telesales

Not sure if outsourcing telesales is beneficial to your business? The risks you have to face in outsourcing is inevitable. It is vital you take your time in weighing the pros and cons, calculate the costs when it comes to such an investment. But when is it really time to outsource telesales and take your business to greater heights?

  • Do you want to increase your sales significantly?
  • Do you tend to only have seasonal customers?
  • Are your operational costs becoming too expensive?
  • Are not getting any further with your current leads?
  • Do you have too much on your plate?
  • Is your business seeming stagnant lately?

We understand your needs and in contrary with the popular belief, outsourcing is not only for the big players now. Our company specializes in startups and SMEs like yours to help you reach your business goals and gain a competitive advantage. Years of experience helped us gain more knowledge on how we can improve your business.