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With all the avenues for pleasure and convenience that technology offers, more and more people are going online. In a 2018 report from Hootsuite, it was revealed that half of the world’s population are using the Internet. Many retail business owners leveraged on this opportunity and began creating a website equivalent to their brick-and-mortar shops. There are also some entrepreneurs who solely focused on e-commerce.

Just as more customers move on to enjoy the ease of shopping on e-commerce sites, it will be inevitable that there should be cases where they need further assistance. If ever they find something ambiguous about a product or service description or whenever they need a sales clerk for advice as in a physical store, the need to talk to someone for an empathic solution arises.

In order to fulfill this need, many e-commerce businesses have resorted to implementing an e-commerce contact center operation. Online buyers both want convenience and immediate attention which makes these functions a non-negotiable must for online shops. 

While some companies opt to build their own e-commerce contact center operations, others could choose to outsource. Check out the top contact center functions e-commerce businesses outsource below:

Sales support

No matter how informative an e-commerce site is, there will always be questions about a given product or services that only a fellow human being could answer. Sales support through phone or chat enables businesses to support customers throughout their buying journey. With someone readily available to answer questions, customers are able to get the products and/or services they truly want without any inhibitions. It also enables a business to leverage all the possibilities to cross-sell and up-sell the right products or services for each prospective buyer. When customers need assistance with filling out order forms, a sales support team is also a great way to help seal the buying process.

Customer service

Besides requesting assistance in making the right purchase decision, customers also have other concerns such as general inquiries, complaints, and product returns. Outsourcing phone or chat customer services help an e-commerce business develop a seamless process to address matters competently. The matured process that BPO companies follow helps businesses improve customer satisfaction.

Order taking

While e-commerce sites have forms for orders, there are those customers who still prefer placing an order via phone. Some customers feel more assured that their orders are actually being taken and processed when a person on the other end is there to confirm it. There are also other circumstances which could bar a person from being able to place orders themselves. Slow internet speeds leading to failures in loading the site and processing the on online forms are popular reasons. With the availability of these options, retail owners give customers all the means to buy with ease, unencumbered by logistics.

Outsourcing e-commerce contact center support operations

These are just some functions that e-commerce businesses would be better off outsourcing. At a cost-competitive price, businesses that outsource e-commerce contact center support are able to improve customer satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. Business owners can also focus on the other areas of which could yield more income.

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