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Set in the heart of Manila and easily accessible for everyone, the Ortigas Central Business District is a lovely oasis along the stretch of EDSA. With its laidback atmosphere and a perfect mix of towering skyscrapers and open spaces, the Ortigas CBD is a workplace enjoyed by professionals from all sorts of disciplines, whether in creatives, finance, or BPOs.

To know why Ortigas is the city of choice, read on below.

Relaxing Atmosphere

In comparison to other business districts in the Metro, Ortigas Center has a unique atmosphere that is very relaxing. It’s rare to see people rushing past each other or walking around with a scowl on their face in this city.

The usual sights for early morning and/or evening include residents leisurely walking their pets, kids playing at the park, and some people running around for their daily workout. Traffic within the Ortigas CBD is very manageable as well. No pollution overload with street lights at every corner, walking through the city is very much welcome.

Safety Is Priority

As a business district that is almost “compartmentalized,” it is easy to feel safe at Ortigas. There are also police officials in their motorcycles visible on almost every street 24/7, as well as streets that are well-lit throughout the night. Call center employees working nightshifts at Ortigas enjoy the peace of mind knowing that they are safe and secure. [UPDATE July 2018: Pasig City’s smart city project won the “public safety” category for the Smart Public Safety Management System in the IDC Smart City Asia Pacific Awards (SCAPA).]

Everything is Walking Distance

Another great thing about Ortigas is that the city is one of the most walkable CBD’s in Manila—malls, parks, coffee shops, restaurants, and of course, transport terminals. We’re not talking about a grueling 30-45 minute walk under the tropical heat. Ortigas is so accessible to everything that it’ll take you 10-15 minutes max to reach a shopping center and an additional five minutes more for the metro rail stations. For those who prefer not to sweat, there are also lots of public transport cars that go around the business district 24/7. Got a ride? Well, there are lots of affordable parking spaces to choose from!

Surrounded by Major Shopping Centers

Want to kill time to avoid the rush hour? Need to buy something important before heading home? On the lookout for the latest movies out in the cinemas? Four major malls are there for you to choose from Robinsons Galleria, The Podium, SM Megamall, and EDSA Shangrila! There are also new additions at Capitol Commons, which is just a 10-minute drive from Ortigas Center like the Estancia Mall and The Thirtieth by Ayala. [Updated 2018]

Great Choices of Dining and Drinking Places

The free choices for dining and drinking on any budget also make Ortigas a great city to work in. From fast food meals to casual food options and even fine dining, there’s something for everyone. In addition, there are also quite a number of coffee places and drinking bars in the area and a couple of pubs open 24/7 —ideal for unwinding or de-stressing after the day’s (or night’s) shift!

With these great establishments in the area, finding the perfect work-life balance at Ortigas Center will surely be a breeze! The promising career at its BPO companies and its environment makes employees happy and more motivated to work every day.

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