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In a survey done by online community Flying Solo, Australian small businesses revealed their biggest challenge in a year of operations. The top challenge, according to a majority of the respondents, is finding clients or customers to keep the business rolling. Here’s how the top challenges of SMEs in Australia can be solved by outsourcing.

Aside from the major setback stated, there are other major challenges as well. These include not having enough time in a day and dealing with too many aspects of the business. But, what do these challenges have in common? They can all be solved with outsourcing.

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Taken from the survey:

Where outsourcing fits in solving the top challenges of SMEs

So, how will outsourcing fit in this small business puzzle? Outsourcing is that perfect piece that hits all these target problem areas with just one, cost-effective stone. Find out how outsourcing can deal with the three top challenges of SMEs:

Finding Clients or Customers

Many Australian businesses now put a premium on customers and customer experience. Understandably, new or small businesses would find it hard finding new clients. With the rise of digital marketing, the competition for customer acquisition is now fiercer. Terms like lead generation and market research are essential for businesses to reach the right customer. The virtual marketplace is saturated and consumers are growing more and pickier.

A lot of small businesses used to rely heavily on word-of-mouth and a website to get new customers. However, the landscape is changing fast and is now more focused on mobile technology. It’s something that business owners must consider, as the market is going virtual. Small businesses can opt to invest in an outsourced call center where they will be able to take advantage of other channels such as emails or phone calls in addition to the top two methods.

Outsourcing a call center can give small businesses better means to sourcing and reaching customers, enabling a superb customer experience that won’t turn away a significant chunk of their resources.

Not Enough Hours In A Day and Dealing With Too Many Aspects Of The Business

This is a common problem for small business owners all over the world. Running a business involves a lot of tasks. For small businesses that operate with small teams, the challenge of managing everything requires the business strategy skills needed to juggle time, resources, and manpower.

Delegating tasks considered as rote work to your in-house team is no longer necessary. Focus your in-house teams to your core business services and outsource the administrative tasks to Anderson Group. It will not only save time but also free up your company resources. The extra time could be used for proper business growth planning and finding ways to stay profitable.

Staying Motivated

In relation to having limited time and resources, overexertion of efforts of a business can lead to burnout. The amount of effort deployed by a large pool of human power may not necessarily equate to success. Work can be still be done inefficiently. These could be due to lack of specialization and, yes, exhaustion.

With outsourcing, the in-house team can focus on the core activities of the company and businesses can devote their resources to high priority projects without needing to worry about secondary tasks that, while considered non-core, are still critical for the business. The employee satisfaction will also rise as each in-house member has the chance to work on the more vital, creative aspects of the business while we take care of the happiness of your offshore teams under our roof.

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Getting the business model right

Outsourcing can give the freedom small businesses long for to deal with operations with fewer concerns. With a BPO partner handling day-to-day concerns, businesses can find the time to restructure their business to find how things could work best.

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Keeping up with technology

Because of the ubiquity and ease of access to major tools in Digital Marketing, many companies look to more advanced technology to gain an edge over their competitors. However, for many small businesses, these technologies are hard to acquire. 

Fortunately, Anderson Group is equipped with the advanced technology they readily provide for their clients. This way, small businesses could enjoy the benefits of operating with competitive technology even without having to acquire one.

Do you share the business challenges and problems with the respondents in Flying Solo’s survey? AGBI can help you improve. Find our list of solutions on our services page. Feel free to drop us a line.