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Outsourcing Virtual Assistants (VA) is an in-demand outsourcing trend that is especially popular among small businesses. Due to its low cost and coming from a BPO expert country like the Philippines, a lot of businesses want to hire VA’s.

If you are a business looking to spread out workload or increase overall productivity, hiring a VA is the right thing to do. If you still haven’t decided whether having a VA can help you, we compiled a list of benefits of why businesses should hire a virtual assistant.

A lot of benefits, not a lot of costs

Investing in a Filipino virtual assistant is not a bank breaker. When hired through a reputable BPO provider, a $500 monthly payment will get you a well-managed, hardworking, and versatile virtual assistant fluent in English.


Businesses seek versatile employees to add to their team. Virtual Assistants are capable of performing various functions. Aside from having administration/secretarial skills, some BPO providers integrate social media handling and basic graphic design in their virtual assistant training programs to keep up with modern trends. Customer service responsibilities can also be assigned to virtual assistants.

Excellent fit for a short-handed team

VA’s can free up a lot of time for small businesses or small teams. As most VA’s are jacks-of-all-trades, businesses can assign extra tasks to VA’s that isn’t high on their priority list. These tasks may include email checking, meeting collaterals preparation, or basic work for special tasks such as creating simple infographic or research work.

High competencies

Having a college degree is a basic requirement to have a job in the Philippines. Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant ensures a business that they will be adding a competent team member.

Add a versatile team member today! Anderson Group BPO, Inc.’s Virtual Assistants have the capability to perform various functions and accomplish multiple tasks with diligence.

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