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Outbound Calls – Welcome Call to New Customers

Retaining customers is a common challenge for businesses, which is why almost every business goes the extra mile in giving the best customer experiences and has a customer service as a contingency. Nonetheless, there are also cases where customer service could serve as a prevention, instead of a cure. Cue in the welcome call to new customers. 


What Is a Welcome Call to New Customers?

Usually, companies make outbound calls for self-serving reasons. This includes obtaining additional sales and setting up an appointment. However, companies may also make outbound calls to support customers. This is possible through the welcome call to new customers.

In a nutshell, it’s a customer retention strategy that occurs as soon as someone becomes a customer. It’s a form of outbound call that serves the purpose of most inbound calls, which is to improve customer satisfaction. In the welcome call to new customers, however, agents provide customer service proactively.

Expounding further, a welcome call is an outbound call wherein agents reach new customers to thank them for purchasing a product or service. It also serves as a way to provide proactive customer support. Outbound call center agents ask if customers have queries and assist them accordingly. Welcome calls also enable agents to obtain relevant consumer insights by asking feedback from new customers.

In essence, the welcome call to new customers serves as a good foundation for building strong customer relationships. It comes as a great way to fill a new customer’s lack of firsthand experience with a good first impression. This allows a business to start on the right foot with new customers. 

Outsourcing Welcome Call to New Customers

Outsourcing is not a new business strategy. It has been popular in the world of business for many years now. If outsourcing is a new term for you, it refers to the business activity wherein a company contracts an external organization to handle non-core business functions. A business may outsource onshore, nearshore, or offshore. 

Before, the only reason why companies outsource is to reduce operational costs. Today, outsourcing has become more than just a cost-reducer. Businesses all over the world are seeking the right outsourcing partner to not only cut costs but also enhance operational efficiency, tap world-class capabilities, enhance business productivity, and many more. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Welcome Call to New Customers

For the benefits of outsourcing welcome call to new customers, check out the roster below:

Opportunity to promote additional or related products

Welcome call to new customers could serve as a great opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell other products or services. But this should only come as a secondary goal. A business should bear in mind that the primary goal of a welcome call is to make a good impression among customers by means of delivering proactive customer support. If agents go overboard in incorporating sales during the call, they could just annoy customers, thus nullifying the purpose of a welcome call.

Outsourcing to a reliable firm frees you from this worry. Outbound call center agents of an outsourcing firm are knowledgeable in making effective and efficient welcome calls. 

Greater concentration on main business activities

Outsourcing helps a business concentrate on doing what it does best. BPO companies are adroit when it comes to managing non-core business functions or functions that are essential but not the most crucial part of business operations. For example, welcome call to new customers. As a result, a business is able to use its key resources on the most crucial part of business operations.

Less operational expenses

While a business may do outbound call operations for welcome calls in-house, many still opt to outsource. Primarily, this is because outsourcing helps them improve bottom lines while reducing operational expenses. Outsourcing firms will be responsible for the training and tools that agents shall need to accomplish the task efficiently. This includes the workstations, computers, and headsets. 

Improved customer satisfaction and retention

A business may only reap the benefits of the welcome call to new customers if it’s able to deliver it correctly. By outsourcing, a business can obtain skilled agents that can help in forming meaningful relationships with customers. 

Lower labor cost

Recruiting competent outbound call center agents can be both costly and time-consuming. Outsourcing removes this burden. At a much lower cost, you can tap professionals that can help you build a stream of lifelong customers.

Industries That Outsource Welcome Call to New Customers

Indeed, welcome calls can be an awesome customer retention strategy. With all the benefits of outsourcing the task, many companies are opting for welcome call services offshore. Usually, they look for BPO vendors in either India or the Philippines. These are two of the top outsourcing countries in the world.

Nonetheless, although businesses prefer Indians for IT services, they trust the Filipinos when it comes to contact center services. In fact, in the latest ASEAN briefing, the country was confirmed number one in voice-related BPO. Among many other reasons, it’s because of the English proficiency and accent neutrality of Filipinos. 

The most common businesses that outsource welcome call to new customers belong to the following industries:



IT and Software




Banking and Finance



When to Outsource Welcome Call to New Customers

Usually, businesses delegate the task to a reliable outsourcing firm in order to: 

  • Save time in recruiting staff
  • Grow business cost-effectively
  • Get quality labor at low costs
  • Maximize the productivity of internal employees
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Focus on core competencies
  • Access to highly-skilled professionals
  • Reduce office overhead
  • Free up space
  • Save time in training and managing staff
  • Avoid disturbance in the office

Hoping for the same things? If yes, then it’s probably time to consider outsourcing welcome call to new customers. But please note that choosing the right BPO partner is the most crucial part of your outsourcing venture. You may only take advantage of all the perks of outsourcing if you choose the right company to partner with. On that note, choose wisely. Better yet, research deeply.