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White Paper Library


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Download this FREE consumer report on the who, what, when, where and why of 2019’s travel and tourism habits.

In this white paper, you will know:
– Who are your potential customers?
– What drives them to pursue their travel goals?
– What are their habits and purchase behavior?
– When is the peak season for travel business?
– Where are the best places to invest in?
– How can you use these insights in winning your target customers?


Growth Hack: An Investor’s Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing

If you are a business who is looking to outsource, this whitepaper is a definitive guide. Know what questions you should ask during a client meeting and how to decide between outsourcing partners. Get a peek of what happens when you partner with a BPO company, how clients retain control, and how your business can find success in offshore outsourcing.


The Philippines is Globally Connected: How the Philippines’ Largest export became its people.

What makes the Philippines one of the top outsourcing hubs in the world? From its rich culture and attractive sight-seeing destinations, take a deep dive on how it grew to become a top choice of investment in business expansion. Learn about the country’s labor market and why foreign investors choose the Philippines on top of other outsourcing destinations.


Making it Big: Offshore Outsourcing for SMEs

Today, large corporations face a cutthroat competition when it comes to providing the best customer experience. In order to stay in the game, startups and small enterprises must learn how to keep up with the pace and stay resourceful. Learn about how your small business can establish a strong relationship with your customers and provide the best customer experience with offshore outsourcing.