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Running a business means spending valuable time and resources. From the recruitment of qualified individuals to employee management, there’s a constant analysis of the feasibility in every business operation. Most of the time, the costs come from renting offices, paying for utilities, and purchasing quality equipment. Thus, this corporate dilemma brought about the new wave of office solutions for business.

Nowadays, there is now a way for companies to skip all these other tedious responsibilities and focus solely on managing their business. With seat leasing, business owners no longer have to worry about things like looking after a rented office space, securing legal permits to operate, or providing premium equipment.

The great thing about seat leasing is that companies are getting more than just seats and office spaces. The whole package includes other important things necessary in business operations. For foreign companies interested in seat leasing, here are the added advantages your company can enjoy from seat leasing:

Cost Efficiency

It is no secret, especially to foreign clients, that operating a business in the Philippines is a great bargain. Business operation costs in this country are significantly lower when compared to Western cities including the minimum salary rate.  By offshoring certain business functions and leasing a specific number of seats, companies are able to operate efficiently while keeping costs low.

Accessible Premium Locations

Another important thing about seat leasing is the location of the office. The more accessible the office is, the better it is for the clients. In the Philippines, there are three popular central business districts offering professional working environments complete with the latest facilities, infrastructures, and lifestyle spots. These are the Ortigas Central Business District, Bonifacio Global City, and Makati City. All three offer premium locations for seat leasing and startups. Surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants, and coffee shops, these locations are accessible through public and private transport. Because of this, employees get to enjoy safe and convenient trips to their offices.

Modern Facilities

One of the key factors in operating a business is the use of quality equipment. Thus, outsourcing firms like Anderson Group BPO, Inc. ensure that its seat leasing package includes brand new computers, resilient internet connection and stand-alone UPS generators for immediate backup. In addition to this, the comfort and convenience of employees are also a priority. Cool and spacious workspaces with dedicated meeting rooms encourage employees to stay productive throughout the day.

Immediate IT Support

Nowadays, almost everything has gone digital, especially in the business sector. Most processes and tasks now go through a computer and an internet connection. Thus, IT support is crucial for smooth operations. Hence, most seat leasing packages include a dedicated IT support team for immediate assistance. In addition, the salary rate of IT professionals in the Philippines is notably lower compared to Western cities. This yields additional savings for the company.


Lease an office with Anderson Group BPO, Inc.

On top of all these, another best thing about seat leasing is flexibility. It can accommodate any type of business whether the company is a startup with only a handful of employees or a large corporation. Anderson Group BPO, Inc, can accommodate your business, no matter how big or small. We are here to help your business. Contact us today.